Friday, August 16, 2013


I have about ten blogs that I've drafted. They're incomplete. Some are debatable and I'm not sure if I should just delete them. I try to write about stuff that will mean something to those that go through them, but the truth is, with all the words dancing in my brain, today I don't know what to share. I'll leave the drafts, again, for when my heart feels the right time to publish them. They will have their moment, but not today.

Today, the word, sacrifice, somehow pops into my head. I see the faces of the people that resemble sacrifice. I see their love and their heart. Perhaps this is what I need to share. I've seen lots of unselfish behavior around me lately. The kind of movement from the human spirit that gives out of the much or the little belonging to them. Sacrifice.

Today I saw an amazing young person, work long hours, tirelessly, then go shopping, not for herself, but for her brothers. I've watched her, without anyone's suggestions, fill the refrigerator with groceries and take charge when times were not going well. She is someone's child, still seen as a baby, although she has begun her years into adulthood. The heart of the giver in her moves to meet unspoken needs. 

She loves. 
She is love in action. 
She is an example of.....

Today I saw a parent take on extra hours, giving up weekends and special family time. I've seen this parent go home, so tired he falls asleep on the recliner and still gets up ready the next day because he knows no one else will provide for his family. He has learned that love in action is greater than words without example. This parent has found no desire to purchase anything for himself, but rejoices in saying, "Here, for what the kids need." 

He continues to give out of love each time. He is a provider even with the little he has. 

He loves. 
He is love in action. 
He is a picture of.....

Today I saw a parent, far away, but ever present in heart, taking from the little she receives in her old age, and divide it into many parts. I've seen her pray a blessing of provision over each portion with great joy, asking the Lord to use this money to supply multiple needs. I've seen her give it away, with a huge smile and her crown of gray hair sparkling. I've seen her say, "Shh! Here's a blessing for you!" She only asks only for prayer. 

She said, "Pray that the Lord will bless me. He knows I'm in need of healing and blessings. Oh, that He would bless me. Pray for Him to glorify Himself in me so that I can keep on giving." She has become a giver out of her ever growing love for her family. 

She loves. 
She is love in action. 
She is an ever present symbol of......

We sacrifice our time and our efforts to share ourselves selflessly because we love others. When you love, you desire to do for others. You learn to be there for others, even if they're not family or friends. It can be a stranger, but you feel great joy to give. 

We don't only have to give financially to bless others. Our time, our attentive ears, our embrace, love and commitment to help one another takes sacrifice because life is busy. Parents are busy. Life doesn't take breaks and we rarely have any. Yet, God finds the way to give us the time so that we too can give of ourselves to those around us. They will see. They will understand. One day, they too will imitate, out of great love, giving, in the way they choose, to others. 

For the greatest sacrifice and show of love has come from Our Father in Heaven. May we desire to follow after his example, always.

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