Monday, August 19, 2013

I Will Love You, and You, and You

Sometimes, all the person next to you needs, is some love.
Love comes in many ways.

It can come through a smile, a gesture to help a mom carry the carriage up or down the stairs on a busy morning, holding the door for a stranger, or just helping someone carry groceries inside their home on a rainy day.

We don't need people to say, "Hey, I need some loving here." If you look around you, your surrounding is full of people that might act out as if their world is always complete, perfect and amazing but sometimes, even people who claim to have it all, need a great, big hug.

I always concentrated on looking for opportunities to be caring towards everyone and anyone. The truth came to me the other day through the many moments listening to my mom, sharing words of wisdom. She opened my eyes to a reality I am convinced I knew, but never truly meditated on it long enough to act on it.

My mom said, "Your family is your number one priority. Take care of them first before anyone else." Of course, she shared many great things. But, all along, all this time, I truly believed I was giving my all to my family. As I thought on what my mom said, because it really shook my heart, I understood her. My family first.

Life can be so busy that we get caught up in technicalities of just doing for our families and not providing the very things we are reminding ourselves to do for others. Our kids still need hugs and kisses, even if they're no longer ten years old. They still need to be listened to and be able to express themselves in your presence.

 I started to be the mom I was when they were little and we've grown so much closer. We're talking more and laughing more together. Their times in the bedroom watching a movie or playing games has changed to more family time together in the living room or my bedroom. One will sit on the rocking chair, another on the bench or on the side of the bed and we just spend time sharing memories, stories, and talking about the Lord's will and plan for their lives.

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Physically, we all need love. My children need reassurance, acceptance and not only to hear I love them. They need to see love in action. They're not the only ones that need the reminder they are loved. My husband still melts when I hug him, snuggle close to him as we read, comb through his hair with my fingers, or ask him, "Who loves you, honey?" He still smiles like a little boy and will do anything for me because he sees and knows that I love him.

Love comes in many forms. How can you and I share it today? Perhaps in an embrace or just sitting with someone to have a cup of coffee and talk. Maybe it's taking your child to the park and letting them play or playing with them. It can be making your child's bed or cleaning up their mess even though they're old enough to do it themselves. But you know they are working or in school, and what a surprise when they come home to a nicely made bed.
You can make a special dinner, too.

Showing love is what we need to do to the world around us. But, let us begin with our own families first. Begin with those hearts beating in your own house. Begin with your parents, your family that may not live that far away. Pour yourself out full of love into your family and then your friends and neighbors. You will see the joy that will consume you as you love without measure as God has loved you.



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