Sunday, August 18, 2013


I don't think there is truly such a thing as a perfect mom. I guess to us, as children, we all view our mom or grandma as the one and only, truly amazingly perfect example of well, the perfect mom. The reality is, our views on what makes a perfect mom can be completely different from others.

Awesome moms are loving, truly caring 
and prepare you for the future.

First, moms love unconditionally.The perfect mom looks at her child, and never sees what imperfections others see. The perfect mom sees a perfect son or daughter, always. 

Moms show they care about their children by paying attention to their needs. They get them ready for school, make sure dinner is on time, that clothes are clean and there's a warm place to call home. Moms wait with you in the doctor's office and pretend they hate the doctor just as much as you do. They teach you to care for others by reaching out to people in need even if your own family is facing a difficult time, financially or physically. 

Moms invest themselves in your life. They're not seeking to duplicate themselves in their children, but rather serve as lessons of what can work in life and what may not. A mom is not afraid of making mistakes and saying, "Sorry." She knows that her children will eventually want to talk about things in life and will use every event in her life as a teaching moment. A mom that really loves you knows she is still learning and definitely not perfect. 

An awesomely perfect mom is someone 
that is not only fun, she listens, 
she is fearless and she is a woman of faith.

Fun moms watch karate movies with you, cheer you on during a game, and join you ride on a crazy rollercoaster ride. A fun mom will run with you in the rain, have picnics indoors, play camping under blankets in the backyard, and dress up with you even when it's not Halloween. She's not afraid to get on the floor and play with your super hero toys or make doll clothes with old clothes she no longer needs. A fun mom knows tea parties for teddy bears can also be created for army men and stuffed toys.

When you need someone to talk to, or just listen, a mom is there. She doesn't stop you when you're talking about the new cute boy you like, and she understands and hates him with you when you tell he broke your heart.  She listens and waits with you in the rain until the bus comes. She stays on the phone to wait until you stop crying and then laughs with you when silence is over. She doesn't expose your faults to others or crashes your trust in her. She reminds you with a pinky promise her lips are sealed, and still crosses her heart and hopes to die when she's in her sixties and you're in your forties. 

A mother is fearless in the face of adversity. She is ready to defend her children and stand up for them. She believes them and trusts in them because she's taught them to do right, walk in truth and be fearless as well. A mom is willing to face an army for her child and go up to a school and face the bullies, even when it's a teacher or school leader. A fearless mom is unafraid to kick butt even if all her fighting skills are in her head when she imagines she can actually                                                 be like Bruce Lee or Liam Neeson.

Finally, a mother is a woman of faith. She knows challenges will come, she has faith in someone greater that can get her through the tough times. She depends on her faith when there is only a little milk left in the refrigerator and not enough money to get some. She has faith for healing, even when sickness seems forever, she continues to pray and wait. She prays and holds on to the promises in God's word and never quits. She believes in the power of the human spirit and encourages people around her and encourages them to have faith to stand during the storm. 

I know I've left many traits and characteristics of the perfect mom. Add them on if you want to through your comments. You can, you know. But, this is my imperfect tribute to perfect moms all over the world, because in our eyes, they will always be, Perfect.



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