Friday, October 18, 2013


I'm often made to wonder what is going on with those who call themselves Worship Leaders? I mean, we are all called to worship in one form or another. But, what makes one Worship Leader different from another? Is it the group he or she belongs to? Or how much vocal training or musical training that determines the best leader? Is it the amount of money paid to many worship leaders in the more trendy churches today? What would you say qualifies one leader over another?

In many circles today we see the loyalty game. If one person remains loyal to a pastor, then they are forever kept as the person in charge of every decision for that worship team. Yes, they've been there with their family for fifty generations. True, they probably tithe beyond the tenth percent. And most assuredly, everyone hides the earplugs they wear to avoid the poor sound coming forth from those vocals or the lack of practice of those musicians playing together. But hey, they're always here and well, blood is thicker than water, right? After all, as long as a few songs are song just before the preacher starts to share, who notices how few people come early to church but walk in for the preaching? Hmmm. Coincidence?

I wonder if David was chosen for his loyalty to Samuel or his father, Jesse? I can't find it anywhere that God looked deep into his heart for his dedication to the prophet, loyalty to the leadership or pastor, or for any special ability he possessed.The only reason, I can find, is that David had a heart and a lifestyle filled with leading worship in his own personal life.He oozed of worship in his private life, while he worked, while he played, and most definitely while he was on his guard ready for any battle. 

Too many pastors are worried about pleasing people instead of pleasing God. They go ahead and choose their own leaders and allow them to go forth in ministry instead of allowing God to hand pick and show whom He has chosen to lead the congregation in every area from singing, to playing, to dancing, and to ministering. 

Many chosen are frozen in the pews, praying and waiting for the opportunity to share what they've found in their times of devotion, alone with the Father. The waiting game forever continues because they are in churches that say they depend and serve the Lord, but truly depend on their numbers, offerings and popularity cliques.

Oh, that I would see a time where worshipers close their eyes and lose themselves in abandonment to give their all to the Lord. I pray to one day experience extravagant worship where the only one sought after is the Lord, where the only one stealing the spotlight is God. I pray one day I can see the importance placed once more on honoring and hungering after God's presence. Lord, let my eyes see once again leaders that forget themselves and surrender to you, that pray before they practice a song, that pray for your guidance in selecting songs of praise, that seek Your anointing before playing any instrument. 

I pray to one day see pastors that desire the move of the Lord so greatly in the congregation that they will go back to times of prayer and soaking in God's presence, asking the Lord as Samuel did, "Lord, whom have you chosen? Is it this one or this one?" Lord, let our hearts be genuine and desire your presence not only in the congregation, but everywhere. Raise up leaders that will allow ministry to be about whom you have called and not who they have to be loyal to. 

May the Lord find us desiring to please Him. 

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