Saturday, December 21, 2013


Make Me New

My heart, please change
For as of late
Events in my path
Have made me feel hate

My heart, please renew
For if hatred grows
Your Presence is lessened
I fear Love will go

My heart, make it new
Teach me how to forgive
It is the gift
That will help me to live

My heart, Lord restore
So that I can move on
And love without measure
Love, everyone.

My mind, Lord, erase
Every cruel memory
Every word poorly spoken
All the wrong done to me

Your promises bring forth
Speak Life into death
Raise up what is falling
Hold strong what have failed.

For into Your hands I surrender

My heart, Lord, please take
In my sleep, make me new,
A new heart, when I awake.

By Angeline Duran Santiago

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