Saturday, December 21, 2013


There's a place called, Heart
We have all been there,
Walked through doors wide opened,
Other times tightly closed

As we've walked right in,
What sights we've beheld?
Many treasures beautiful
Others so dark we'd rather not share.

In that place called, Heart.
Laughter echoes through
Memories of beauty and loving
Sentiment of youth,

Doors that lead to rooms

Locked and kept away
Hide the hurt and sorrowful moments
Still vivid and causing pain

Can I walk with you through each corner that is broken?
The healing balm I've brought to pour on each open wound
You see, I've been there, too
Exposed and left out in the coldness
The Healer came through the door
Healing and Restoring what was hopeless.

There's a place called, Heart
We have all been there
If we let Love in and take a seat
What a place it will be

In that place called, Heart
You can choose to bare
Every joy and every sorrow
Till only strength stays there.

Once Love is allowed to reside
Doors of yesterday's woes will be told to leave
All things new and hope to lead the way
It you can just believe.

There's a place called, Heart
It's a place that's home,
And when Christ walks in and stays,
You're never again, alone.

Written by Angeline Duran

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