Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Overcoming During the Holidays

     Without a doubt, for many, the holidays are a time for wanting to shut the world out and hide away until Santa’s sleigh is hidden far away until next year. Some would say the heart has become hard or that someone feeling this way is a loner. I tend to believe that many people are just stressed out from living with the same situation day in and day out. The holidays are just one more reminder of a failed attempt of living life the way it had once been envisioned in the past. The holidays for many are one more reminder of a broken home, a strained marriage, or the burden of sickness that has permanently made its home in yours.

Perhaps today you find yourself closed in because you look at your bank account and have to decide between paying the rent, the bills and getting groceries or trying to make some Christmas wishes come true. Maybe you feel overwhelmed because you’ve applied to so many job postings and every answer is, “No.” 

You may even find yourself wanting to eliminate every thought of Glad Tidings from your home, but when you look at the faces of your children, the joy and the glow of childhood expectation reminds you to be silent and hold back the darkness that is trying to overpower you. Then you need to get up, rise up on your feet, open the door, leave the room of discouragement, abandon the seat of depression and release yourself from the grasp of despair. 

You’re going to have to be brave to do this, but let’s do it together, 1, 2, 3, Be free!

You see, Christmas (Christ) and (mas- in Spanish means more) so to me, Christmas can only be about more of Christ in your surroundings. Can you see it that way for just a moment? Ok, the gifts and the special dinner and the tree. I get you. I hear you loud and clear. But, aren’t you creative and able to do a lot of these things on your own without having to purchase much? You know you can pull this off if you really try, don’t you? 

Go, get the stuff you put away from last year or Lord knows from when. Dust if off and put it up. Gifts? Well, tell your family the truth and get everyone to make something special, something homemade. Or, prepare them to receive a gift from the heart that is not going to kill you financially but will still remind them, Hey, it’s about more of Jesus Christ in this home.

Need some more ideas? Write to me and I'll share what I've done in my home and in my personal space. Most of my Christmas treasures were stolen last year when we moved. I had a collection of precious things that represented special stages in my life and in the lives of my children. All gone. But the JOY, no one and nothing can take it away. With the help of my kids, we've turned our home into a place where the Lord is welcomed. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas with what we have. With much or with little, the greatest room to prepare is your heart for more of God's love and presence. 

Still feeling down? I know. It's hard sometimes. But, we will get through this together. Can we? Absolutely! For today, hold on to this. Christmas is not about hiding in a cave and shutting yourself away. It's not about opening the door to sadness and depression. We did the countdown and if you really mean it, darkness has to flee! When we open the doors of our hearts to the Giver of Life, Christmas is born in our lives!

Found this clip and thought it fitting to begin this time of joy!

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