Tuesday, December 10, 2013


     The other day I was out of ideas on what to make for dinner. Everyone had taken turns being sick for the past two weeks in this home, so I decided to make what we call in our family, some healing soup. It was enjoyed and I was glad to see everyone was recovering nicely. It seemed the soup was the last medicine they needed and we could go back to normal family life. (Yeah, right)

    The next day, Sunday morning, I was greeted with a huge punch to the head and I felt knocked out. The thing was I was too tired to stay knocked down. I got angry and decided I would not allow myself to proclaim to the world my last days were upon me. Just because I felt like dying didn't mean I had to do a liturgical dance or mime to explain myself. Not today. Not now.

     I don’t know where my energy to disinfect the home and clean up came, but it did. I put on some inspirational music and began to see myself with new strength and healed. My kids gave all the regular signs kids do when they are in expectation of what is coming for dinner. If I tried to explain my exhaustion, I think they would not have believed me because I had kept so busy all day. My insides gave way and I collapsed on the recliner. My brain was all like, “Beep, beep, beep, try to get up, It ain’t going to happen.”

     My feet and my body were in complete defiance to what my mind dictated. Please note that I always thinks about nutrition first and was really tired everyone being sick. And so it was, this amazing mom that is always thinking healthy food did the greatest thing known to mankind from the recliner.

      Bingo! You guessed it. I ordered out.  I was convinced that if I started dinner, I’d knock out before it was done and knowing my kids, the fire department would end up in the house way in advance before they realized the food had burned and the kitchen was on fire. Everyone ordered something from a Chicken sandwich, French fries or Chicken nuggets. Everyone that wanted something to eat was provided for.

You’re right. It’s not the best meal but we all need a plan B or plan C sometimes. We always want to provide our family with the best but there will be times when we have to improvise to deal with changes that just show up. At the end of the day, I was able to knock out in bed for the rest of the evening, worry free, because everyone was fed and now, if it was my time to die, (LOL, just kidding) I could. 

My family would have preferred a homemade meal that evening but sometimes a mom has to do what a mom has to do. So, for now, forgive me and just please pass the ketchup.

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