Friday, December 20, 2013


Ever heard someone say, "She's beautiful, you know, in the inside. After all, beauty is skin deep."?

I don't know what comes to your mind when you hear that, but today I want to take a few minutes to say that although some people are extraordinary on the outside, we ladies, are all beautiful on the outside as well. Just because some women can afford to be pampered and dolled up regularly at the salon, doesn't mean we can't look nice as well. You are beautiful. You are.

So, here we are, holidays and new years coming, among other things like parties at work or somewhere you got invited to. Many people decide to stay home because they just feel like they can't look amazing.

Here's my quick and short guide to getting ready and making that beautiful you shine:


(1) Prep your face the night before with a nice facial and then moisturize. Moisturize while you sleep.Your face be ready for some makeup in the morning. I like Oil of Olay products and their night time cream. (just my thing) you can use what you have.

(2) Wash your hair and condition the night before. You will be more relaxed if you want to blow it out, straighten it, curl it or set it. If you wait til morning, you will be in a rush and maybe do like me so many times, resort to a pony tail. In the morning you can do a quick fix and maybe some gel or hairspray.

(3) I like to give myself a manicure/pedicure at night. I will put on music or put on my favorite movie or show and take time pampering myself. If you take your time, you can do all this yourself. Yes, it's nice to get it done at the salon but some people may not have the money to get it done in the salon. Nail polish is under five dollars. Find your favorite color and glam up your nails.

(4) Next day, as you wake up, put on some holiday music or your favorite music. Start the coffee pot or get some hot cocoa ready.

(5) In the morning wash your face with warm water. Don't use soap that will dry your face. After all, you spent the night moisturizing it, right? If you like some light face cream on your face before makeup, go ahead. I feel the night time was enough for me. I put on some light foundation. Cover those dark circles if any. Pick makeup that will compliment the beautiful you that you already are. I like the smoky eye look with brown and purple eyeliner. 

(6) Red lips are nice. I prefer dark red,not bright red. Burgundies, browns, well, you find the one that says you and wear it.

(7) If you have a new outfit, awesome! If you don't, look for something that makes you feel amazing the night before and leave it out, ready to wear. For the holidays I add red or silver/gold in small ways. I love holiday jewelry depending where I am going. Don't forget your favorite perfume. Today and always, you are the star!

 Know that you are blessed and that God made you amazing! 
Feel good about how you look.  I'm in my forties and know many ladies think we can't look good anymore. So, put that lie aside and get ready to look super amazing this holiday season! Enjoy.

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