Wednesday, January 15, 2014


By Angeline Santiago Duran

I lay me down, On my knees,
My heart is bowed, By your feet,
I surrender.

My heart is crying out, Lord let your will be done

I knock at the door of your mercy
Don't let me go away with empty hands
Your face I seek while I'm waiting.

As I rise, Each step I take

A motion filled with Declaration!
My hands arise,
Abandoned in praise,
Oh King of Kings,
Stretch forth Your Favor.

My heart is crying out, Lord let me know your will

Make the path before me clear
I come, I knock, I seek, and wait
My hope is you, restore me.

Restore me. Renew me. Revive me! 
Speak healing. Speak freedom. Sing over me life.

Breathe in me, New life, Lord.

I'm lost in this circle of motion,

My dance is Deliverance.

Your Spirit, Guiding.

My heart is crying out to You,
Lord, let your will be done,

From death to life, transfer me Lord,
And let me live and move 
As you live and move through me,
As you breathe and live in me.

Written by Angeline Santiago Duran
January 15, 2014

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