Monday, January 13, 2014


I sit here before you and look at you.
How did you ever get here?
Downcast, unsure, lost in your thoughts, and angry, so angry.

Somewhere inside you know there are still heights to be reached but you're too tired to climb.
The mountain climbing gear lies on the floor, along with rope and your back pack. 
Did you give up?
When? How? Why?

Hope can walk in through the door any minute if you invite her in.
She's been standing outside, waiting, whistling in the wind and remembering
Remembering you as the dreamer, the fearless one who would dare to do anything if given a chance. Do you remember that person? Full of vision and full of ambition.

With a jiggling noise in my pocket, I walk over to you. I place my hand in my pocket and pull out the noisy keys. "Here." I offer them to you and your stare make me wonder if you can even begin to understand what I'm giving you.
The keys!
Your keys.
Only you can unlock each lock on the door so that hope can stop hanging outside your home.
Let Hope come in. Like the rays of morning sun, it will come and engulf your room and your life with such light. 

Hope again.
Hope for the future even when you hear all hope is gone.
Hope for your tomorrow even when it seems today is your last day.
Hope for this moment regardless of your anger, betrayed feeling, and your hopelessness.

Here, take the keys and let's get up. I'm going to help you. Up and off this chair. Enough is enough! Look out the window. Hope is waiting! She is waiting with her car outside. The minute you invite her back in, she is ready to help you get to your destination. You have places to go and things to do. God has breathed life into you for a reason.

Your life has changed. It cannot be denied. Circumstances beyond your control have completely changes the game plan. Your marriage is over, sickness has claimed a family member, you lost your job, your confidence to sit through an interview is gone, and the voices that said you lost your ability to succeed have overpowered all feelings of purpose and courage.

I promise I will not leave you. If you let Hope come in again, I will stay with you as well. My words may be few, and at times not enough, but I will visit you as much as I can to remind you that great things come to those that believe and hope.

Finally! Wow! So many locks on this door. So many battles and discouragement, disillusion, feeling let down, lied to, cheated on, taken advantage of, used and broken, repeatedly. Here we are, the last one and yes, door open, here she is. Hope. Hope is here again and her embrace fills you with joy and strength. You're going to make it. I am sure of it. For when you hope again, you live again, you dream again, and you can do anything you begin if you never lose hope.

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