Sunday, January 26, 2014


Pushing through the arctic winds, carefully placing feet on snow turned into ice, he walks up the salt covered steps and holds out a mitten covered hand to push the door. The old wooden door is heavy, but he pushes through.

Walking into the old building, a sense of anticipation fills his heart as he begins to remove mittens, hat and scarf. Soft music playing from an unseen place welcomes his old, shivering bones. A few heads turn to acknowledge him. A few smile and two actually say, "Hello."

He is not affected by the lack of greetings or by the reaction to his presence. Although his heart is warmed and receptive to the few gestures of cordiality, he is not here for any of them. He is here because his heart could not contain itself any longer and He had to be in His Presence.

 He rejoices. He is home.  He whispers, "I am here, Lord."

The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Matthew 26:41

Do not forsake getting together with your brothers and sisters for the day of the Lord is near. Hebrews 10:24

Better is one day in your courts, than a thousand elsewhere. Psalms 84:10

Will you lead your feet to follow after your heart today? What excuse do you have for not finding a house of worship to visit today?

  • The people are hypocrites!
  • No one says, "Hello."
  • It's boring. Do I belong there?
  • They just want my money.
  • Not one person sees me or talks to me.
  • They're all fake.
  • You don't know how they've hurt me and my family before.

You're so right! If you take the time to analyze the hearts in the pews or chairs, you will find thousands of faults and reasons to have your heart become wary, discouraged and angered. If you place your eyes on the attitudes of many, you may want to run out and never return.

The heart is in need of God's presence. Your spirit longs for moments in His presence. Nothing compares to the joy of being in a house of prayer and praise!

Place your eyes on the Lord this morning. Focus your attention on what God has for you on this day and how you will enter His house with thanksgiving and through those gates with praise. Meditate on His promises and the fact that you shall be renewed and strengthened through the words spoken. 

Please don't stay home nursing your disappointments. People will fail you because they're not perfect. But, you can forgive and keep going. Don't allow the past to dictate your steps this morning.

There's a seat waiting for you. There's a seat waiting for your family to arrive. Even if no one sees you enter and celebrates your arrival, heaven rejoices to see your effort and desire to seek the Lord's presence this morning. 

Come on! Get up! Get ready! Even if you have to wear jeans and sneakers, go, go, go! Prepare your heart. God has something beautiful waiting for you today. It's Sunday. It's a beautiful day for blessings to rain from heaven. Leave your umbrella at home.



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