Saturday, January 25, 2014


Ever opened Pandora's Box

In the story of Pandora's box, we see her curiosity, after specifically being ordered not to open a box, unable to control her curiosity and opening the box to unleash great darkness. Inside the box were all kinds of horrible things like disease, hatred and darkness. 

Is there any area of your life that seems like you opened Pandora's box, let's call it an open door, and you don't know how to close it? Pandora's story is a myth but what happens can be related to us.

Pandora opened the box. We open the door to destruction. The same results take place. Death. Death in different forms come to steal our joy, health, and relationships. Death comes to destroy our security, our hope and future. 

Excuse me. Someone is knocking on your door. Do you hear it? Sometimes it's loud and clear, other times it's subtle, soft and faint. Are you going to go and check who is at the door "you closed" or will you remember that "it is closed for a reason"?

Unfortunately, at the sound of knocking at the door of our hearts, we turn for a second to see who is there and what will you find? Standing there waiting for you to open the door is your past, your past with all the stumbling blocks, failures, temptations and old friends who encouraged a lifestyle of temporary pleasures that pulled you down into the darkness. 

Standing at the door are your memories of abuse, rejection, sadness and people who led you quietly to be condemned, accused and made to carry the burden of sin. Standing impatiently at the door is the prince of darkness himself, offering you a peek into what could have been if you had made a different choice in life with your future.

In Exodus 12, we see God directing Moses to tell His people to stay inside, with the door sealed. He instructed His people to place Lamb's blood on the doorposts to show they belonged to the Lord. Death would pass by and everyone inside the home was safe. Are we safe inside God's covering or have we foolishly opened the door to those things that will bring death into our homes and family?

If you, like Pandora, have opened the door to the enemy of your soul, today you have to make a decision to either walk into it and remain in the darkness, or close it and begin to walk towards God's love and mercy.

At the end of Pandora's story, in her regret and sorrow, she discovers there is still something in the box. A small bug flies out by the name of Hope. 

With great joy, Hope is released into the same world where sickness, envy and all works of darkness had been released. Yes, in the midst of the doors we open to the enemy, Hope lives. God offers us hope to turn back to Him, close the door to our past, to death, to wrong relationships and to sin. 

Hope lives because God sent Hope to make a way for you to succeed and live blessed. Close the doors that need to be closed and open your heart to the Lord who will bless you greatly!
Don't lose hope. God has great things for your life if you close the door that lead to death.  Today is a great day to hope again and for a new start.



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