Tuesday, January 28, 2014


By Angeline M. Duran Santiago

You didn't see it coming. The shock of what has happened has left you speechless. Where did this all come from? How? Why? Lord, are you in all this? One after the other, news after news from bad to worse. You're pushed back, chased, and harassed until you're thrown into the pit, deep, dark, cold, wet with the smell of something old, rotten and forsaken. Left alone, hopeless, but why?

Perhaps you are in the pit of despair because you didn't choose to be here, but circumstances beyond your control have placed you in this prison like hole. Situations that you never imagined coming your way, appeared and before you could question their reason for showing up, down the hole of testing, trials, and suffering you went.

Sometimes we end up in the pit out of our own doing, mistakes, wrong choices, poor decisions and maybe just ignorance. But, today you know you're innocent. You know you've been praying, seeking the Lord, surrendering your heart to honor God, and yet it seems the very heaven created the hurricane that brought you here.

You are not alone and no, you are not being punished. If you know in your heart that you have been serving the Lord and you've been faithful, don't allow doubt, anger and confusion to pull you away from the Lord now. Joseph was thrown into the pit and then in jail. You know him, right, Joseph? The kid with the coat of many colors? Yeah, Jacob's son and the story with his brothers and well, you get it, right? Exactly. This poor kid full of dreams and visions got a big push into the pit and left there by his own blood.

What you're going through is not the end. God is going to be with you even in the silence as you wait. HE is all you need. He will defend you and provide for all your needs. He is your advocate and He goes before you. He ransoms you. (I love that one!) I'll say it again, He rescues (ransoms) me unharmed from the battle waged against me, even though many oppose me. Psalm 55:18. 

Didn't I tell you He will fight for you? Deuteronomy 3:22 says, "You are not to fear them, because the LORD your God will fight for you." Wait! Dance break here. (dance, rejoice, dance)

What I'm trying to tell you is to trust the Lord in the midst of what you are facing. I'm not making your struggles, problems or situation small. No, If I shared mine with you, you'd be like, "Girl, you're crazy to be talking like that! I'd have given up a looooonnngg time ago!" But, here I am telling you to trust in God's promises. He will provide for all your needs, not just make sure there's milk, bread and eggs for the morning breakfast.

God will give you peace in the midst of affliction. 
God will strengthen you when you can't even pray.
God will turn the pit of your despair into your place of blessing.
Even in this hard time, He will give you words to encourage others. Even in your darkest moment, He will use you to do great things to leave you in more shock than what you just wen through.

Please don't give up. I know the pit is really deep down and you want out fast. I know you don't deserve to be there. None of us do. But, I know God will show up and do something amazing, soon. 

And, Joseph? Well, he became Pharoah's right hand guy. His story really has an amazing ending. He needed to be in the pit in order to get to a place where his dreams could be fulfilled, he'd be placed in a position of power, and save his family (yup, the very ones that put him in the pit). Amazing, right? Well, I'll be praying for you.
For you. I'll be praying all this madness turns around for you, soon. I love you and pray God's peace and provision for you.

Written by Angeline M. Duran Santiago to encourage you today!



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