Monday, January 27, 2014


This blog is not an easy one. It has a strong feeling created out of a frustrated place in my heart after seeing the same things repeated regularly. I will not apologize for what I have written for I feel to apologize would be to deny what I believe is God's message for all of us today. I pray you have an open heart and mind to receive my challenge to be real or get it together. I do love you all very much and pray God to speak in some way.

Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?   James 3:11 KJV

I don't know when it became popular to mix the things of the Lord with the things of the world, but more and more, it seems the word comfortable describes church leaders and ministers. I thought we had to be separate and identified ourselves with a different standard. Oh, maybe you think I'm old school? No, I think I'm very open to using what is modern to further God's kingdom. I'm not against using advancement, technology or the Arts to promote the Good News of the Gospel. Maybe if I give you a few examples, I can clarify the point I want to make:

Out of the same fountain, let's say here, faucet, we will not get Pepsi and Lemonade. Right? So, why is it that we can go clubbing Saturday night and then on Sunday, get up on the altar and lead the congregation in worship, praise and songs of deliverance and closeness to God?

How easy it is, or how comfortable can you be, to be in a relationship where you're living in sin, but yet, get up to play the keyboard, the drums, or any instrument for a Holy God?

Why have you made yourself believe it's not a big deal to flirt with the ladies in church when you're married, begin emotional affairs and sometimes get to the third base, while being a man of God, who week after week, stands before a congregation and brings the Message of God that offers forgiveness and healing?

Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.   James 3:10 KJV

When did it become acceptable to have women's ministries where the topic is prayer, but what you really do is be part of the Gossip Ministry, starting with the church leaders and first lady?

How can it be that the same deacons and ministers that speak to the congregation and serve as leaders, have a vulgar vocabulary, speak with hostility and hatred to their wives, mistreat their children and then on Sunday want to hug everyone and their mother. I'm tired of seeing this and staying quiet when I see the hurt this is doing to the people serving the Lord as well as how it keeps out those who should be coming in to experience God's love.

Oh, this is harsh and I'm being bold. But, enough is enough, don't you think? We are praying for revival. Or so I thought. We have been praying for the Lord to heal, restore and move in our midst. We are in the last days, living in prophetic times, and we are still living as if we've never accepted Jesus into our hearts. We are still living like people who have not entered into a Covenant with their God. We keep living like people who run after strange gods, imitating the world, and forget the God of our salvation.

We have to get it together. Too many people are being hurt, including you, when we live a double life. You are either in or out, genuine or fake, the real deal or an imitator. Today is a great day to make a decision. A kid's song says, "Whose side are you leaning on?" The second verse says, "I'm leaning on the Lord's side!" I ask you today, "Whose side are you leaning on?"

The response is one only you can honestly give and make. Today is a day for changing, making U turns and starting over. Serving God is big, and He wants to use vessels that are clean, surrendered to Him, and that He can use. 



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