Saturday, January 18, 2014


John 8:1-11

“Go and sin no more.”

For some reason, I keep coming to this passage in scripture. Each time it seems I get a clearer picture of this narrative and I try to imagine this woman from all different perspectives and angles.

She had been caught, exposed to the entire community, religious and non-religious. Where was the man? You’d think in a man dominated world, he’d be there to face the mob, but no, just her. Alone, heart beat increasing, tear stained face and thrown to the floor before Jesus, perhaps by the many men that had secretly used her as well. Alone. Betrayed. They wanted to put Jesus on the spot, challenge Him, question Him, and she became the prey of choice for their inquisition of the Master.

Have you ever felt put on the spot because of the wrong choices you've made? It doesn't have to be adultery or fornication. You haven't killed anyone. Maybe you messed up in your marriage or role as a husband or wife. You've gambled your savings away. Maybe, you've messed up as a parent.The money used to go on vacation was stolen. Your old ways, selling drugs is still a part of you. An arrest shows you've been living a double life or you just lie, every day. 

Have you been pushed to the cold, hard and dirty ground to wait before your accusers? Did you feel the blow to your heart, as all eyes watch you to see what will happen next?

Today, I hear the Lord saying to my heart to share with you that your final destination in not death. If you, like this woman, stay still before the LOrd, He will speak life into your guilt and shame. Jesus sits by your side and challenges the world to condemn you. They can if they want to. But, if you surrender to the Lord and call upon His Name, your life will change.

"Where are they?" Jesus asks. 

And He is asking today, "Where are those that want to see your life destroyed so they can rejoice and laugh?" "Where are your fake friends that used you then deserted you?" Where are those that watched you mess up and now put you on display so everyone can see you fell?" "Where are those that are living this same way but have it under covers, and yet with their actions try to put you before the world to be stoned?"

No matter what has gone wrong in your life, if you truly abandon your hurts and mistakes into the Lord's hands, you too will hear him say, with great love and compassion....
"Go, and sin no more."

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