Monday, January 20, 2014



Have you given your wife a hug (unexpectedly and for no reason at all)? I mean, come on. How hard is to take those big arms of yours and wrap them around her, just because? Don't you know she might just be needing the strength and the love that comes from being hugged to pieces by the one she loves.
Have you embraced your hubby today? (Not just because he smells good) I mean, just walked over to the sofa and held him close to your heart. Sometimes just holding him and messing up his hair can let him know you are there for him without saying a word.

Are you waiting for someone to say, "I love you!" again? Does it always have to be someone telling you first? Can't you just learn to say it on your own even if it's not returned. Don't you feel good inside when you hear those words spoken to you? But, you are always waiting to hear them and rarely offer them, just because.
Speak the words that need to heard. "I love you!" "I appreciate you!" "I'm so blessed to have you!"


Are your thoughts filled with the one you love? Do you hold your cell phone religiously to check status updates and everything happening online, but never take the time to text or call your husband or wife and just say, "I'm thinking about you." "Are you okay? I felt like sharing a word to encourage you." "Just letting you know I love you and can't wait to see you later." Men and women put their marriages on the line by using their cell phones to communicate with a gal friend or guy friend and open the door to destroying their marriages. Why not take that time you waste with that inappropriate relationship and invest it in your fiance, your wife, or your husband?


Flowers have not gone out of style. Nope. No siree. They're affordable and if you take the time to learn about flowers, you can actually give a message by knowing which flowers to buy. (Sorry, I'll expand more on that on another blog) Give flowers, again, just because. Whether its to say, "You're on my mind and in my heart." or, "I hope we can have some alone time tonight." Flowers are always a precious way to make someone smile.


Here's the last one. I remember in my early teens, walking home with the boy I liked and what a big deal it was to hold hands. To me it was like, "Oh, my GOD!" How long has it been since you've just taken a walk and held hands or embraced as you strolled to the supermarket. When was the last time you held hands in the car as you rode to work or at home, as you sat and watched your favorite TV program? What about just sitting in bed, sharing, reminiscing, and holding hands. There's a power in the smallest touch. Holding hands has become outdated for many, but it can bring you closer by just sitting for a while and pretending you are that teenager again, defying your parents and holding hands with your crush.


Well, I don't know if any of these things are missing or dying in your relationship. I do know that we all desire affection, acknowledgement, to be loved and to be valued. It's not enough to just expect it all to come our way, we need to learn how to give love and affection away as well. Sometimes, it just takes one person to get it going and then you just can't stop. My prayer is that if there is an area that needs to be addressed, use this blog or talk without fear about what you hope to see in your relationship. Pray together and believe the Lord to do great things in your 
marriage and He will.

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