Thursday, February 13, 2014


While the house is quiet, barely unaware that morning has arrived, I begin to make some coffee. In my childhood, I remember the rich, strong aroma that filled the entire home when my parents boiled the coffee grinds in water. That smell awakened me before school. I'd walk into the to find my mom with a Colador (coffee strainer/colander) in her hand, carefully pouring that black liquid into a coffee pot. Memories. They are powerful images that transport you into different moments in time that is no longer real, except in the stored spaces of our minds.

Pouring some milk into my small, silver pot and waiting for it to get warm, really warm, I think about so many things. Where I used to be and where I am today. It seems there was a time where everything was, or at least I thought it was, perfect. All was going well and somehow I was in a good place. But, now, what is going on now? 

Have you ever felt like that? The difficulties of life come and sometimes, even as believers, we feel alone, helpless and unable to make the right decisions. Not only do our choices affect us, but those in our circle get just as affected when we get wrapped up in the confusion and stress of the moment and don't abandon our situations at the foot of the cross.

It's not that I've messed up in a sinful way. Hmm. Those thinking screws went crazy for a moment, right? No. But, I have been in a place where I've given up. Those moments carried on to where I am today. You see, the moment I gave up, I did it so quickly and without thinking, not once did I realize God had other plans. Unseen forces of darkness cheered for me to step aside and let go. 

Don't worry, I'm not where I used to be. That was a long time ago. But, I am living the consequences of poor choices. My journey has me here, not sulking or crying, but able to acknowledge that I need God today, more than yesterday. I recognize that without the Lord, I am unable to move forward or succeed. Unless God's word is the guide for my mind and my heart, I will make mistakes, again. 

Are you in a similar place? Has it felt like you missed out on God's plans for your life? Well, let me tell you something. You are still here and that is proof enough that God is able to do great things in you and through you. I haven't given up. You thought I was going to end it that way, right? Nope. I've seen the Lord at work through the challenges, difficulties and even mistakes. He's the God that makes a way. 

I make my cup of coffee, grab two homemade corn muffins and head for the dining room table. It's still slightly dark outside. The sun is not going to shine today. Snow has taken over. I've chosen to keep my son home today as I see the storm having it's way. It is beautiful though, right? The storm can be a beautiful thing to observe from inside a warm home. Lord, thank you for the storms that have come my way. For in braving it through the storms, and at times not braving it too well, I've seen the beauty of trusting in You. I smile as I think of how God has been there for me. What a perfect morning, coffee, snowstorm, and moving on.



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