Thursday, February 13, 2014


Many people feel alone when it comes to days like Valentine's day. Some have lost a loved one, gone through a separation or divorce, or just haven't found that special someone to share this day with.

The fact is that you decide what this day set aside to celebrate LOVE will be all about for you. You have options. There's Cupid's version, with chocolate, hearts, romance or friendship gatherings. Then, there's the love that passes and outdoes any other kind of love. The love that comes from heaven itself. If you can believe it and accept it, I'm talking about the LOVE of a heavenly Father.

You don't have to feel alone.
You are loved way beyond what you ever imagined.
Open a bible up and the evidence of God's love for you is all over the place. While on the internet, search bible scriptures with love, and the results of bible verses filled with God loving you will give you hours of reading. 

Maybe you feel that you've messed up too much and that God won't love you. Not true. No matter what our children do, we don't stop loving them. If anything, we love them all the more. Our heavenly Father will never stop reaching out to you. Will you take hold of the loving hands that reach out to you today?

Perhaps you feel abandoned, left out, rejected and worthless. God's love falls down from heaven and if you will allow it, will wash away and remove every lie, and every negative feeling you've held on to as truth.

Could it be that you feel so unloved, you have even planned on taking your own life. All because you never believed anyone could love you. God loves you. God doesn't need to wait for Valentine's day to flood your life with hugs and kisses.  Open up your heart and allow the love of God to overflow in your life. Invite God's love to change the sadness into joy! 

Valentine's is not only for lovers. If you choose to celebrate it, enjoy. But, don't remove yourself from the festivity because you see yourself as damaged goods, discarded, alone or unworthy to be cherished. Just because it didn't work out in your past relationships, doesn't mean it's the end for you.

The God of heaven longs to heal your hurts, the things of your past that you carry in your heart, and everything that keeps you from walking free, filled with love and able to give it away. There's a special delivery of God's grace, mercy and love coming your way. I pray you don't feel disappointed when you see it's not chocolate or flowers, but excited when you see God's love reaching out to you.




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