Thursday, February 13, 2014


By Angeline M Santiago Duran

There is nothing more difficult than the realization that you have allowed yourself to be deceived into believing you understood the concept of loving others and being loved. We come to view the expression of love as words that say, "I love you.", signs of affection such as hugs and kisses, and the occasional offer to be there for you if you ever need them. 

I wonder if these verbal and physical cues are just signs of true friendship with sincerity of heart towards another human being? The truth is that when I think of what love looks like, I see a person that is confident, fulfilled and fearless. Love sort of does that, no? Love runs after you. It can't stay away and can't stop thinking about you. Love chases you when you want to be left alone and never stops pursuing what it wants because I believe its ultimate goal is to pour itself completely into the one being loved.

Love goes beyond expectation to stand with you through the storms and hold your hand. I can't imagine love turning away, ignoring your pain, and standing on the sidelines watching you sink deeper into your pain without stretching out strong hands to pull you out. Love looks for ways to meet your needs, to know your likes and dislikes, to show you that you are valued and important.

I don't think love is silent or is able to ignore you. Love doesn't have the power to stay away for long because it is passionate to reveal it's purpose in your life. I thought at one time, that I understood love but what I understood was more of the friendship between people. I've learned the hard way that sometimes people just use the word love loosely and maybe I did, too. I've realized that I allowed myself to accept what I saw and had because I thought that was the real thing, but it wasn't even close.

As I write about love between people, I can't leave out God's love. Agape love extends and gives us the greatest example of real love. If we can observe what God does to show his love for us, then we will see how great and beyond our understanding of love should really look like. I've seen the meaning of LOVE through the actions of God relentlessly pursuing the hearts of people. I've seen Love in action through the sacrifices of selfless people giving their all. This is the love I want to have in my heart.  In pursuing to imitate God's love, we will live Love in Action.



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