Monday, February 3, 2014


Today I am writing to the wonderful men out there that want to do something special for their wives. Some might be clueless or wait til February 14th, to go crazy and end up regretting what happens for lack of planning.

I'm not the marriage or relationship expert. But, I've been here long enough to be able to share some ideas that just might make this year memorable. Or, we can at least try.  

Believe me, if you start early, your thoughtfulness will touch your wife's heart. 

Many couples are going through some tight moments financially. This puts a strain on their relationship and any mood to celebrate.  Some men will go out of their way, maxing credit cards because their wives have made it clear that if you love me, you'll buy me one of the many hints I gave you since the first of February. What's a guy to do when the bills need to get paid but you fear your precious wife won't understand if you try something new?

Prepare the atmosphere from now. Don't wait until Valentine's Day. Share your heart and your concerns with your wife. If she loves you, she will understand. If you are honest, she will love you for being true. Let her know you will go out of your way to make Valentine's Day special, your way and with all your love. Start today by writing and leaving love notes in her bag, window or pillow letting her know you love her. 

Guys, can you cook? Make her something special.  If you know her, really know her, then you know exactly what will melt her heart. What about an indoor picnic or eating Asian style in the middle of your living room? If you've been with your wife to the mall or shopping, you'll see she usually goes into the same stores. Think really hard and remember. What's that one place she always visits? Go visit and if you go early, you just might find something special as a small token of your love. Put it away until the 14th. Planning on getting flowers? Order them early.

Can you set a table and make it look romantic? Of course you can! You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on long stem roses if you can't afford it. A simple red bouquet or her favorite flower can make your table say, "I love you!" Presents. What to do when your last hundred bill is walking out the door and heading towards the supermarket. Create your personal gift certificates. Be creative, romantic, and thoughtful. Think she'll get upset? I don't know. I'm sorry. That whole concept of, "If you love me you'll get me what I want!" present just doesn't work for me. Receiving or giving expensive gifts is not the proof of love. Sometimes it's the small things done in secret that keep the flame burning between two people in love.

What about fixing your bed? Don't know how to make a bed? Start practicing from now. Clean up those clothes you keep leaving on the floor, socks too. Maybe you can go do some laundry while you're at it. Make your special place together say, "Welcome home." Can't take her to a Broadway show?  A romantic movie works. You can rent an old classic. Just don't forget some goodies to munch on. Bundle up with a quilt on the sofa and enjoy time together.

Hmmm, what about a heavy duty back rub/massage after being all day at work? Men aren't the only ones that can benefit from a massage. 

Men, women love a clean bathroom. We really dislike the mess many husbands leave when they're done in there. Take your stuff with you. Hang up those towels. Clean up that sink after you shave. While you're at it, make that bathroom sparkle. Little things done with love can bring people together. She will so appreciate your effort.

Manly men do dishes. They do. If you have a wife that cooks for you and is always keeping that kitchen nice and clean, or at least tries to, why not give her the gift of cleaning up after that romantic meal you're going to prepare? Ok, so maybe you're going to order and pretend you made it, but still, clean up the kitchen as a show of love when the night is done. If you have kids, get them to help out, too. Guys, you have to talk about being real. If you are going to spend a lot of money or use your savings to sacrifice for a gift to then be in a bad mood, complaining, and suffering over what you did, this is a bad move. You will regret it. This will end up creating anger between you and your wife. Maybe she doesn't even know you're sort of broke. Talk about it. She may have some great ideas on planning your special day together. Don't procrastinate and leave it for the 14th.

Maybe the ladies will hate this blog. I don't want to spoil your day.  I do know that love can make Valentine's day special and still stay withing a budget. We have to stop spending without wisdom and learn to enjoy a beautiful time with our loved ones by learning to create an intimate atmosphere within reason. It can be done. Planning is all it takes and lots of love.

I have a million other things I'd love to say, but I think these are the most important. Maybe I'll share some more at another time. It's time to write one for the ladies. Hope you don't wait til the last minute. Go get your Valentine's card early or make one. You never know what your creativity might create in your home. 
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