Tuesday, February 25, 2014


As I read many blogs, comments, and articles written by friends and acquaintances, there is one theme that flows through many of the pieces shared. I view the paintings and artistic expressions of so many, and this theme continues to speak out at me. So, here is my way of speaking to those dark moments so many of you are writing about and sharing about through your writing and artwork.

Poem written by Angeline M Duran Santiago

Heavy shadows breathe upon you
Deep heaving puffs
The stench of rotting and ancient piles of waste 
Breathing upon you
Holding you captive in a frozen state
Unable to move or scream or yell or panic
Heart racing and pushing to explode out of your chest and your head
As the darkness pushes cold, slimy walls around you,
Around your heart and your mind.

Alone, someone says you're alone
Forgotten, someone whispers, you're no longer remembered
Forsaken, someone says, "Left here to die."
Your trembling legs and knees collapse to the dark, cold floor
Releasing endless tears, you try to breathe
But that is being strangled out of you.

And the shadows here torment you by whispering:
Remain here in your sadness
Dwell here in this depression
We will accompany you through your mourning
Don't ever leave, darkness will hide you.

Shadows forgetting that Light always shines
Through the crevices of dungeons established in minds
Though your cries are silent, 
Your heart has reached out,
And Light breaks in to remove every doubt,
"Enough!" you hear it said
"Come out!" you are told
"Let go." someone tells you,
"Life is waiting." echoes through the walls.

Speak to the darkness, Go on, Shout it!
You don't have a hold on me!
Speak to the darkness, Declare it!
God Almighty delivers me!
Speak to the darkness, declare your freedom,
Depression cannot have it's reign,
Jesus ransomed you and fought the battle
For the darkness that holds you in place.

Speak to the darkness, Do not fear!
Yell it, shout it, make it hear!
Shake off the shackles of fear, doubt and pain,
Christ, the Risen Saviour, calls you out to live again.

Dungeon walls are crumbling, the chain links turned to dust,
Your heart and mind have been set free because in God you placed your trust.
Darkness is over, you walk into God's loving arms,
Stay there, run to Him when you darkness tries to claim you,
Remain in Him, 
Speak to the darkness and remind it
That The Lord of Hosts encamps around you
And His Light will always show up when you call upon His name.

God is greater!
God is with you!
He will rescue you!
Speak to the darkness,
And God's Light in you will shine forth
And make it kneel before the One who created it all.

Poem, "Speak to the Darkness, " written for those dealing with depression, mental illness, sadness and feeling broken, written with love and hope for you all, by Angeline M. Duran Santiago, February 25, 2014



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