Friday, February 14, 2014


The battle is over. Or so it seems. 
We look towards the side of the wall, and the warrior sits against the wall, quietly taking in all the different areas in his flesh that have been wounded, bruised and cut into. Exhaustion is slowly taking over as the truth of what has happened settles in. Sword limply held in right hand, stretches out on the floor, a reminder of being used and finding refuge in the stillness of the ground.

Around the room, signs of confrontation cannot be denied. The warrior searches for the top of a table to rest his bleeding hand upon and lift himself up. Searching inward to use his remaining strength and rise, he collapses to the floor.

Tired. Worn. 
This is the way it feels sometimes as you pray and wait on the Lord during difficult times in your life. You find your heart lost in a battle that leaves you completely drained and unfit to rise, even when you have the assurance the victory is yours. You pray for answers and it seems they take so long to arrive. The battlefield opens before you and you're pushed with unseen hands into the arena of facing your fears, your doubts, every pain and every sickness. The agents that threaten your breakthrough surround you and it seems you are alone, abandoned in this Colosseum of darkness. 

Yes, it seems you just came out of one battle and before you can change into new clothes, the new one has begun. The answers come. The sick are healed. The bound are set free. The mourners are filled with joy. And just as you rise to take a break to rejoice, the next battle begins. A new strike against you takes you down to your knees and it starts all over again.

Have you ever felt that way? Does it ever feel as if the battle rages on and never ends? Then if this fight never ceases, you must be sure you know where you stand. Do not lose hope or faith. Do not be discouraged and do not walk away defeated. Rise and be the warrior of faith you have been chosen to be. God has equipped you to face the giants that stand against you. He has enabled you to stand til the very end. Do not fear. Stand your ground. God is on our side.



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