Monday, February 24, 2014


My Amazing Family~ God's gift to me! Baby waving from belly.


Many families do the famous hush when a certain question is asked. I believe this happens when we haven't prepared ahead of time for the "what may happen if they ask" moment.Instead, parents especially, should think of those questions that will come up and prayerfully prepare themselves to give the best answer, the truth, according to the child's readiness to understand. Sometimes we can even just ask what they already know about this subject. Chances may be your child heard something at school that has opened the door to curiosity, or they've seen something on TV that may be contrary to what they've learned at home. 

If you're not ready, you will look foolish scramming around for an explanation. Best to be ready and don't say no to certain taboo subjects. God has given us wisdom and understanding. If you don't have an answer, your children will go to their friends, friend's parents or the famous internet for an explanation. This can be damaging if they turn to people with different viewpoints and beliefs from yours. If you don't have an immediate answer, be honest. I've said, "Well, I am not ready to give you the best answer right now. Can you give me til tomorrow to find the answer to that?" It hasn't failed yet. Yes, I've been told, "I thoughts parents knew everything." Have open forum discussions in your home and make it a learning place where thinking is not banned and freedom of expression is encouraged and applauded. Invite God's presence into your midst and allow your family discussions to be a place where learning together is valued and God always reigns.


I've learned that families aren't perfect. There was a time where I thought if I worked hard enough, I would have the perfect family that not only pleased God, but lived to serve others and be an example. "NOPE!" Warning! Danger ahead, no such thing exists. We all mess up in one way or another. Kids get on each other's nerve, argue, test their boundaries and limits, and push your buttons. Your husband won't meet all your expectations and you will not be the perfect spouse all the time either. 

There has to be room for forgiveness and moving on. There has to be teaching on loving and accepting one another with all their craziness. We need room for learning from mistakes. We need sessions of hugging one another, praying together and learning to not only say, "I'm sorry." but, "I forgive you." Silence destroys but communication heals. The lesson I'm learning, and perhaps the hardest one, is letting go. It's hard to forget the wrong we've experienced, the heartache and the memories of the wrongs done in a family where you thought you had it all together. I've learned that we can truly move forward if we allow God to heal every hurt and let love work in us, a little each day.

My Precious Three, Aaron, Jacob and Jeru


Home is a haven, a place of refuge, acceptance, and where you are loved unconditionally. Is your home a place of comfort and security? I've gone through many challenging moments in my life to get me to that place where I can say, "There's no place like home." We have to nurture our families the way we care for gardens. Families are gardens filled with precious seeds. Have you ever had a tropical plant, or let's see, an Orchid? There are very delicate plants and flowers that require extreme care for them to thrive. Neglect one step and your very expensive plant or flower will wither away before your eyes. 

People in your life, family especially, are those delicate flowers that we have to care for, water, place in sunlight or remove from the cold. We have to watch for what will affect their growth, make sure not to over water with our super security and rules, but love, love and love some more. When we begin to see our children and our marriages like that special garden we invite the world to come and look at, our children will say, "There's no place like home."



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