Sunday, February 9, 2014


I don't know what challenges have been laid out like a map before you lately. I also don't know if you've been going through any ups and downs emotionally and physically. I do know that regardless of how we feel, there is something in us that makes the decision every time that sun rises and begins to shine. We either get up and decide to face a new day or we keep the lights off, put the covers over our heads and turn to the other side to keep sleeping.

There has to be something that drives you to keep going. What do you have in front of you that is worth fighting for? Anything? Something? Someone? A couple of somebodies?

You see, I know that getting up in the morning is not easy. As a parent, we sometimes don't get the sleep we desire and need. But, you have to get up, right? I also understand that moving forward is hard especially when you feel insecure, unsure, afraid and without someone to walk with you through the difficult steps to the place you need to get to. Yet, you're going to have to make a decision to either find the person to walk with you to where you need to go, or just get up and trust that you possess what you need to get going and make something happen, something amazing happen.

You want to quit your job? Been there. But, there's something and someone worth fighting for when it really stinks at your job. When things go really wrong, when someone accuses you wrongfully, when you're put on the spot or embarrassed by a coworker, or your boss seems to continuously give you more to do, there's something worth fighting for. You think of your kids, their needs, not wants, but what they need and that the only way to get those needs met is by pressing on through the difficult times.

Even in a relationship, sometimes you hang on and press through, because you hope this union will somehow turn out to be amazing. You look forward to something great taking place if you just work at it. And, yes, sometimes things don't work out, but I do hope we learn from the mistakes as well. Feeling stuck and like running away don't help. So you just wait.

Hang in there, dear friend. There's so much worth fighting for. You are worth fighting for. God himself knew you were so important to Him that he took it upon himself to show that you and I were worth fighting for, worth dying for.

Wherever you find yourself as you're reading, if everyone around you has failed, if you've been abandoned or let down, don't think yourself small and without value. The greatness inside you is seen by heaven and you are most definitely worth fighting for. You're not only worth it, but your efforts are not in vain. Don't give up!



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