Sunday, February 9, 2014


By Angeline M Santiago Duran
Ever find yourself holding on to something that is weighing you down? Do you feel like there's this pressure or weight physically clamped around your body and you can't shake yourself free? Does it feel like deep down inside you just know the right choice to make, the path to take, and the words to say, but you can't. It's as if an invisible cloak is wrapped around you, disabling you from freeing yourself, and you walk around, hunchback, bound by invisible chains, that don't let you rise above and beyond to be yourself.

God has not only promised us rest from our weariness and burdens, but to take all our burdens if we would but lay them down. How can we lay down the worries, the heaviness in our hearts and minds, and the desperation that comes from feeling clueless and lost? How, Lord, can we put these cares down at your feet, if after praying we still have to return to living with the consequences of poor choices, people that pull us down, and conditions we can't seem to get away from? 

I believe the Lord makes an even exchange with us if we're willing to bargain. Or, at least that's how I've chosen to see it today. I sense the Lord showing me that there are two burdens to bear. Mine and His. If I can find the way, somehow, to release my burdens, cares, and problems, everything that takes away my peace and rest, if I can surrender it all to Him, then in exchange, He will give me His load because His is not only light but grants me peace. 

I don't know what God's load is. What could possible be His burden or load that I would be able to carry upon my shoulders? Then I thought of His love for all people and how He longs to draw them near to His heart. Maybe my burden is to love, pray and care for others. Show me Lord, I want to truly understand how to let it all go.

I understand that part of giving all my burdens to the Lord is having the ability to recognize what no longer belongs in my life, including people. If someone is keeping you down, stunting your growth, making you unhappy and unwilling to change or make the effort to prove they belong in your life, we have to be able to move on, trusting God will see us through the difficult transitions we sometimes find ourselves having to make, even in relationships. What am I getting out of carrying this heaviness in my heart, Lord? It's only pushing me down and keeping me down. The Lord says, Let it go! Give it to me. I'll take care of it. Put it all here before me and walk away in peace. Go enter into a place of rest.

Letting go of our burdens is scary because we've carried them so long, we think they belong in our lives. We don't know how to release the weight and break away from unhealthy relationships or habits. Fear tells us to hold on, there will be a change if you give it time, and if you loosen yourself, you won't be able to stand on your own. 

I believe the Lord promises us a way out of every fearful decision. "Let go. Put your heart in God's hands." He will take care of all your hurts, your cares and your worries. You won't be alone. You will not break down for letting go. Your life will not become a chaotic mess. God will carry you through every moment until you realize that you were meant to be free a long time ago. If only we had understood that it was all as easy as going to the cross and dropping it all at His feet. 

Lord, I confess, I don't have it altogether. I do believe that You are able to take all my burdens and cares and grant me rest, freedom to move on, and new direction in life. Thank you for giving me your yoke to carry, for I believe all you are giving me to carry is the knowledge that you love me, care for me, and will help me through this moment. I love you, Lord, Thank you.



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