Saturday, March 8, 2014



It's sort of hard to see miracles when we only concentrate on our need for one. Our heart is usually centered in our pain and our discomfort. I have learned that when I begin to use my time to do for others, my time not only goes by quickly, but my thoughts go from focus on me to what someone else is going through. 

It can be as easy as preparing a meal, folding their laundry, washing dishes, making someone's bed, or sitting with them during a doctor's visit. When we realize the world doesn't depend on us to be an axis in order to keep turning, we realize we can be the answer to someone's prayer.


Early in the morning and throughout the day, our prayer list begins and seems to end with me, mine and ours. Again, our difficulties lead us to the cross to cry out for our financial problems, those in our family who are very sick, and our mental and emotional demands. 

It's when we can put our needs aside, and begin to place our energy and heart into praying for others. We have friends,   acquaintances and co-workers who have a need for a miracle as well. We have family that is far away and we rarely think of them. They need someone to pray for them. We have our bosses, our neighbors (nice and not so nice) and those we wish we'd never meet, but somehow their presence keeps appearing in our lives to make it hard. Those who wish us wrong need God to intervene in their lives as well.

Changing our prayer from me, me, me to everyone else changes our heart for people. We will see God begin to work in their lives and as we see the Lord do great things in the lives of others, our faith is increased and renewed to continue praying for our needs, too.


With this I am not saying to live in denial or to be a big dummy and walk around as if you're unaware of your reality. No. I am saying that we can live with the expectation that what we have asked of the Lord has already been done for us. We can live with the assurance that what we have prayed for has been granted for us. 

You know me. You also know my son has Type 1 Diabetes. My daughter has been struggling with Asthma and I can tell you sickness and health conditions seem to feel they can stay in our home. It is a constant issue we battle against as people of faith. But, I have decided to live and inspire my family to live believing we are in God's hands and in His time, we will see great things take place. I live believing God's healing has been provided for us according to His promises in Scripture. I live believing that our lack is nothing compared to God's provision and that He will supply for all our needs because He loves us. 

We walk by faith, not by sight or feeling. We have to keep hope alive. As we read Scripture and let those words of faith take root in our hearts, our faith is renewed. We don't wait in vain. we cling to God's hands and lean upon His heart. We grab hold of His Promises and wait with earnest expectation.

There are more ways to renew your faith. These are three areas God has been working in my personal life and I felt sharing it would help you know that even when we are discouraged, when we place others first, and hold on to God's word, He not only renews our faith, but restores our strength and says, "Keep going. I am with you!
"More to This life" Steven Curtis Chapman



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