Friday, March 7, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago 

I've kept names out in order to protect my friend's privacy. This is with love for all of you. You know who you are, dealing with MS, on Dialysis, Cancer, Waiting for the transplant, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and depression. My letter is made with all my love.

Dear Friend,
I hear you're not feeling well. How I wish I were near to give you my hands, my arms, and all of me to help you. 

You've been to the doctor's office more times than usual and you've become fearful because it seems he doesn't think you're getting better.

Tired, your eyes are deep, dark and weary. Crying. You've been crying and I don't know how to help you stop. You're hurting all over your body, the aches come and go, but usually just linger, refusing to leave. You're fed up with tests and more tests, because they always say the same thing, and then it's more tests.

From where I am, I send you my arms to hug you. I send you a song of comfort and faith, yes, faith because you can't give up. I'll have it for both of us. Courage. You're the bravest person I know. You can't give up now. If you need me, I can come to you. Just let me know. I am not far away. 

We can laugh together, share stories, oh the things my kids do, they'll really make you smile. You can tell me anything you want and I'll listen. Or, we can be silent. I can make you soup, tea, or what you like to eat or need to eat. Hey, how about a cupcake, pizza or the forbidden cheesecake? Just thinking.

You're telling me your house is a mess and that's why I can't come. Then, I think I need to come over and help you. I don't care about the mess because I have a mess too. Believe me. It'll scare you! I can come and sit with you, put on some music and breakdance with you. You know, the robot and the chicken dance? 

Dear Friend, I just want you to know that I love you because you are my friend. I love you because God has placed that love in me for you. I believe God is able to comfort you, strengthen you, and be with you through your most painful and darkest hours. The end? They tell you that your days are numbered? Don't we all have our days numbered? That's nothing new, right? God says when we take our last breath. And, until that day comes, you have to keep hoping, watching the sunrise, enjoying the sunset, smelling the flowers, running out of the cold and into the warm, tasting freshly brewed coffee, and having times of meditation in God's presence. He will show up in your quiet times if you invite Him.

You see, He's been there for me. When I felt alone, like my days were all up, like my end was now and the pain wouldn't end, He showed up. When I said, "Lord, let your will be done in me. You know if you take me, I leave my kids behind. What happened to all those promises you made to me? I will serve you always." I'm still here, here until He decides when my last breath shall be.

Dear Friend, I can only imagine your personal pain, your discomfort when you are taking chemotherapy, when you are taking medications that have you more drowsy than in your right mind, when you have to keep injecting yourself so you can live one more day. I don't know everything but I see what your life is like as you keep going for dialysis treatment and wait to see if a transplant donor appears. I'm not making your sickness or condition small. I was just wondering if I could bring some sunshine into your world. I have some in my pocket. Got some warm sand from Summer's memories in my bag. I was wondering if we could watch your favorite movie together, or just look at our old school photos and laugh?

Dear Friend, I am so sorry for your pain. I'm sorry for your difficult time. I am praying for you. I am lifting you up to God's throne and asking for His will to be done, for healing and mercy, for His power to visit you today. I am asking our God to bless you, to strengthen you, to fill your body and your life. Don't give up. You are not alone. You are loved beyond what you perceive.
Don't fight this battle alone. I have my Chronicles of Narnia costume and I'm ready to join the fight with you. Believe me. Don't face this alone. People need people. Together, it's better.



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