Thursday, March 13, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Are you having a hard time getting up and off that warm, cozy bed of yours? If you clicked on today's blog, most likely, hopefully, you know you need your booster shot for today.

Do you know why you're struggling to get out of bed today? I believe you do. When we are not seeing our hopes and dreams become a reality in our lives, it seems easier to sleep away the sadness, the loneliness and the rejection letters that keep coming our way. Sleep overpowers us when we don't want to get up and face the let downs, the put downs, and the struggles. Heaviness keeps our head on the pillow to lull and anesthetize the conversations played out in our minds that are replayed reminders of our failures, mistakes and lack of success.

Have you been feeling like your quilt is your closest friend? If you're finding it harder and harder to get up and get going because of your present situation, then here are some tips to get you up and going today. It's time to rise from your bed.

  1. Do something for someone in your home this morning.(ex: Make breakfast for someone in your home)
  2. Find a room in your apartment to have quiet time, prayer time with the Lord and your Bible this morning. (Not in bed)
  3. Start a prayer journal and write out, or draw what's in your heart and on your mind. Then look for scripture to encourage you and add it to each day's writings.
  4. Select one room in your home today to clean, organize and bring to beauty. Create a joyful space.
  5.  Get dressed and go out for a walk. Forget making coffee at home. Go out and treat yourself to a cup of coffee, breakfast, or lunch. Smile as you walk. Don't be afraid to say, "Hello."
  6. Volunteer. Sign up to volunteer somewhere you would love to work. There's greatness in you to be shared. 
  7. Think of someone in your life that is going through a hard time and make them a letter or buy a card and send it to them.
  8. Remember someone that needs a "thank you" note and send it.
  9. Put on some songs you love, sing and enjoy them. Dance if you can!
  10. Look in the mirror and say, "God has great things for you!"
So, you don't need me to go over there and pull those covers out from under you, right? Or do you? Look, only you can do this. Shake those pajamas off, get some music on, get into that shower and push yourself to do what you think you cannot do.

The world is waiting for you. Yes, you're still without that job. Yes, things at home and in your life are still a battle you must face. I write this way because I know exactly what I'm talking about. I've been on that bed of despair before but only I could pick myself up and get going. Do you believe God's strength is enough for you? I do! God's arms will carry you through this difficult time but you're going to have to get up and move it, move it.

Do you hear it? Everyone here is applauding your efforts and cheering you on! Heaven has risen to celebrate your efforts today and we declare you are more than victorious! Open up those curtains and let the daylight in! Oh my goodness, wait until you see what God will do the moment you put faith into your step. Well, I'd love to know how it works out for you. Share with me your victory story or even if it's still hard to get up. I'll keep praying for you. You can do it! Declare it. Say it. Believe it. God's with you to help you.



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