Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Take Me Back

"O, To Dance Anew"
Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago

My heart is burning anew for things once known to me
To stretch arms forth
Releasing the load carried within heavy arms
Letting go,
Wind come and carry them away
Through the sway and the turning of arms
Taking and pushing away
Sending it all off into the heavens
Into the Throne room
Where all my cares are embraced
And placed at His feet.

My heart is burning anew for things 
in my mind replayed from the past,
Where my feet moved to and fro,
Around and around,
Stomping, Leaping and sometimes,
Slowly sweeping away,
Dragging away,
Lifting it all and
sending it all away
to the Throne room where You are
Where you know and understand what I am doing.

You see each movement
You read each line of my routine
You hear the story inside each beat, each step.
I am the dancer
I am the singer
I am the instrument
But it is You that anoints me to move
It is Your Spirit in me, moving through me,
Receiving what's in my mind
What's in my heart
And joining me in the dance.

My heart burns anew
To join in the dance of heaven
The dance of hands ready for war
The dance of feet ready for battle,
It is a dance bathed in prayer
For my heart is to reach yours
and nothing more.
Awake dancer, Rise
Come alive, Return
Take me back to my first love
Take me back to a heart
that will hear the music
and dance anew.



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