Monday, May 12, 2014


Just for one day....
I want to wake up as one of the people in the crowd
listening to Jesus speak,
I want to wake up next to someone that is being healed,
Cover my eyes during the most horrible moments in his life,
but run with the women that went to his tomb and hear the angels say, "He is not here. He is risen!"

Just for one day....
I want to wake up and speak God's word,
Pray and see it take root in the lives of those around me,
Speak it and see it sprout in the bodies of those in my life,
See healing,
See deliverance,
See God at work like never before.

Just for one day....

And as I look into my thoughts,
I see,
One by one,
Cancer, Asthma, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, Skin Disorders, Auto Immune Disorders, Aids, HIV, Blood diseases, Mental Illness, Depression, Anxiety, Hatred, Sadness, Abuse of every kind, every illness, every disease, all sicknesses, every burden, all infections, viral and bacterial conditions, viruses, and every deformity that causes pain one by one, and take their place upon Jesus' body. Hidden in every painful laceration, bruise and blood filled wound in Jesus body is hidden every pain, every infirmity, and every ache.

By His wounds, His stripes, we were healed....

He has carried every sickness in his body....

Just for one day....
I want to be the hands God can use to pray over the sick,
Speak the Words of healing, Be the arms of comfort to the broken as His healing flows...

Just for one day....
Miracles. He is the God of Miracles...
I will not stop believing. All things are possible for them who believe, right? I mean, Am I foolish to hold on to this truth when healing has not manifested itself in my own home?
I tell you this..
It has, many times, beginning with me.
Why it hasn't happened again I can't explain, but I will continue to hold on because God is good.

He is faithful.
He will not let me down.

Just for one day.....
Believe that nothing is hard for the Lord and allow expectation to be birthed into your heart. 

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