Friday, May 9, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Worry Is The Absence of FAITH!

Do not worry. Believe.
Believe things will get better.
They will. 
Hope until the end. 
Faith will walk with you, hand in hand, but don't let go. Do not worry.

Worry is The Presence of FEAR!
Why are you afraid?
Who can destroy you?
Why have you given permission for fear to dominate this situation?
Isn't God is control?
Fear has no place in your life, ever!
Trusting God is the only way.

Worry is The Confession of Doubt!

Why don't you believe?
Believe today like it's your last day!
Take God's word and put it in your wallet. I'm telling you, He will not leave you alone.

Worry Proves Trust is not Present!
Don't go crazy now.
I know you lost a lot.
You lost your job.
Your health is not getting better.
Your family situation is falling apart.
I know it's hard sometimes.
You keep praying and the answer seems lost in translation somewhere between heaven and earth.
Your bills are piling up.
Even your family has given up on you.

Don't give up.
Hold on.
I'm telling you.
You're going to make it.

Just a little longer.
A tiny bit more.

God is coming through.
Didn't you just see the leaves burst forth on the trees even as it got really cold all of a sudden, but life was still pushing through. That's how it's going to be with you. It seems your situation is hopeless but God is at work in every area of your life. 

HOw do I know?
Because there is sickness always attacking my family.
There is always something going wrong.
There is always a battle rising when I think peace is perfect.
And still, God always tears down everything the devil throws at my face.
My children, healed in Jesus Name by FAITH. By Faith, My family situation transformed and renewed. God is able. 

God is faithful. 
I am going to believe it not only for me but also for you.
Our finances, restored to such a degree we will lend and not need to borrow.
Our job security complete.
Our children's future, secure and sure.
No Worries.
No Worries.
Trust God.

Need someone to pray with you?
We all do. I'll pray with you. Let me know your prayer needs and we'll pray together for God to move in your life. He will. He has for me. He will for you as well.

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