Monday, May 19, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I look at my children,
(if you were here you'd see how silly they're acting right now, just to make me laugh)
I look at them and I consider myself blessed.

Oh, I won't tell you the times I've failed as a parent. I've erred in so many ways. But, tonight, let me bask in the laughter that echoes in their bedrooms. 

You see, one thing I consider as I sit here listening to their stories, their jokes, and their silliness.

We've come a long way. I have witnessed first hand all the hard moments in their lives. I've seen their tears, their struggles, their fears, and the moments when life just seemed to have let them down. I've been there when friends turned into enemies, when their hearts have been broken, when sickness refused to leave their bodies, and when all I could do was pray and believe for a miracle.

Proud can mean puffed up for some people. Proud can also mean you feel a sense of joy in the accomplishments someone has completed. My kids have not even begun to take the necessary steps to become what I know they can be in life. They've only begun to understand their worth. But, I am very proud of their attitudes, their faith, their dedication, and their love for one another.

I rejoice to see how they band together not only in the darkest hour, but how they make time to enjoy each other's company in sorrow as well as in joy.

My children, they inspire me to walk forward and to be strong. They push me to believe in greatness no matter how tired I can be at times. They surprise me constantly. At times, like all families, we go through struggles, but I've made faith, forgiveness, and love the foundation for our family. And love always brings you back to that place where we are able to forgive, hold on, and believe the best in people no matter if we witness them at their worst.

I thank the Lord for the courage in their eyes. I thank the Lord for the boldness I see in them. I thank the Lord for their commitment to one another. They've shown character and integrity when others have shown foolishness and shame. They've given forgiveness and mercy when others refused to spare them pain. They've reminded me of what I've taught them when I couldn't remember the golden rule. 

My children are the reason I pray. They are the reason I hope and I hold on to faith. My faith. Faith in the One who lives in our hearts. Faith in the One who hears every prayer. Faith in the One who wipes every tear. Faith in the One who binds us together.

Lord, thank you for my children. Thank you for holding them and protecting them, always. Lord, I believe healing will come as you have promised. I believe you will bless their future. I surrender my children into your care, Lord. Amen.



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