Tuesday, May 20, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

On a day like today, someone dear to my heart is going through a very difficult time. Taking someone you love off a respirator must be the hardest decision to make and the most difficult experience. Today, I cannot be with you as I wish, but I am with you through my prayers and letting you know, you're not alone. You are loved. I send my arms to hold you and know you are loved. 

I'm Out of Words

What can I say to lessen your pain?
They've all been created, written and spoken.

What words could I use
To alleviate your burden,
To opaque your brokenness,
To soothe your heartache?

For I have none,
I am dry, 
Out of words,
And I don't know why?
or How?

For I usually try,
To be ready with something
that will encourage
and brighten
but not today,
Today I will just stand with you,
Today, I will just stay by your side.

It is silence
That is needed
When death has been welcomed
Into the room
And no one wants to let go
or Say good-bye.

It is silence
That is exchanged with the 
flow of tears
That speak what mumblings
never will express.

I cannot pretend to understand it all
Or feel every part of you that hurts right now,
But, I am here for you,
I love you,
God has not abandoned you,
You are loved.
You are strong,
Stronger than most people I know.
You are brave,
And in time,
You will be able to remember the happy moments,
The precious moments.
For today, 
We can just stay here,
Quietly remembering
Better days.

And so,
I give you my arms
To hold you,
My silence,
To sustain you,
My faith, 
To keep you,
As you endure and hold on,
As you walk on, ever strong.

In heaven we will find surprises
See those we thought never again to find,
And embrace those believed forgotten,
Once in life, left behind.

In heaven, we will know words yet unspoken,
Joy that will flood our beings without sounds,
And the only language spoken will be the profound
embraces of hearts longing to be found.

In heaven
I won't have to stay silent,
In heaven
I won't have to cry,
The language of Love will take over and 
what we feel today
Will only be a memory in
a page of our history,
Once lived, 
and awaiting breath anew,
In heaven's heart,
With Love
for God is Love
And where He dwells
That is all 
we need. 

Written with love, 
Kiani's and Family
May God's will be done, today and always.



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