Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Written By Angeline M Duran Santiago

The chair is a place of refuge
A place of solace
Confined to rest and peace

The chair
A reminder of days spent in learning
Moments with close friends
Waiting in the hospital
Or sitting alone because no one chose you.

The chair is a place called solitary
It reminds us someone is missing
Someone is gone
Someone didn't show up
Someone will never come again.

The chair is a place for tired bodies
Heavy shoulders and aching feet
Find their way to collapse on the chair
The strong chair
For it holds every burden
It holds every care
Silently and never complaining
It holds the heaviest person
With the biggest heart.
It holds the lightest human
With the greatest burden and worry.

The chair is moved around
Maybe as part of the decor
And no matter where it ends up in a room,
The chair patiently waits
For the weary traveler to come and find it
And find heaven
As it surrenders to it's arms.

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