Friday, May 16, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

You're at work and it seems that no one else can see what is happening to you or around you, but you.
It seems that when you speak up, you're told to relax because most likely the guilty party causing the negativity is you. You decide to be silent and wait to see if (a) you're going crazy or (b) something really just isn't right. 

The days pass by and it seems that every moment seems to be setting you up to look as if you've done something wrong, failed in some purposeful way, and as if anything that has been handled poorly leads the paperwork up to you. Although you've gone over everything carefully in your mind, retracing your steps, being mindful of what you say and don't say, it seems a wave of anxiety has fallen upon you because the truth is, you just don't know what is going on and you can't explain what the heck is happening.

Then, suddenly, (wow! big shocker! as if you had forgotten) you see besides you all the signs that this is something beyond your control in the natural and that most likely this is an attack of a greater magnitude, planned and created against you. Someone wants your position, your grace, your beauty, your success and your job. Someone is after the compliments you get when you do well at work. Someone has become thirsty for what you have and the only way for them to get it is to make you look bad, to make sure you fall, you fail and mess up so that they can look, well, like someone who has it all together around everyone else, but in front of you, it is obvious who is reigning in their spirit.

And so I tell you this:
The enemy has risen against you and you're the target. The enemy is using those around you who long for your downfall to aim their arrows of envy, deceit and falsehood against you. You've become angry, agitated, confused and even lost it many times. But, today I want you to see beyond what your eyes and your emotions can see and feel. I want you to realize that you're the target because the mark of the Lord is upon you.

Think about it....Why is it, out of all the people in the kingdom (during Daniel's time in the Bible) did they focus on him and the three Hebrew young men? There must have been thousands of people to use for target practice, but out of all the possibilities, their prime choice selection was Daniel because he, (yes, it's true) he prayed too many time during the day. No! The reason was because he stood out as someone who God's favor and grace rested on. All he did came out really well. God backed him up and those around him that didn't have their gods backing them up didn't like the way they looked when he could speak what the King needed to hear and they couldn't.

When you're the target, you will be falsely accused. People will use you and act like they're doing you a favor. They will look down at you and even feel an obligation to speak down at you. Even many believers in the work place mistreat other fellow believers, looking the other way as if God will not take care of his child.

You have been marked by the Lord, set aside, separated, and chosen for a great work in your lifetime. Whether you are walking in your calling or not, the anointing of the Lord is upon you. God has placed his seal upon you and you will stand out as a target, always. So, what shall we do?

Pray. Know that God will not forsake you. 
Know your enemy and plan strategically the way he is planning against you. 
Know God's word. It will be the weapon of choice to shut down, destroy, cancel and demolish every word, thought and action against you. 
If you don't know God's word, you are already powerless because in His Word you will find the message to speak with boldness and authority!
Pray and fast. Take time to dedicate yourself to the Lord and ask for his guidance and wisdom on handling this problem.
No weapon formed against you shall prosper!
Share with someone that can help you pray.

I come before you tonight to pray over my children, my family and my friends that have become targets in the enemy's plan book. Your Word says the enemy of our souls has already been defeated. Your word also tells us he is never tired of looking for ways to discourage, destroy and hurt. Tonight I pray a hedge of protection around everyone in my heart and those I don't know, but read the blogs and do need you so much. 

I pray for every plan of the enemy against them, cancelled in Jesus Name. I pray that every weapon forged against them be quick to fall, powerless to the ground, in Jesus name. 

I pray for your anointing, your protection, your grace and favor before supervisors, administration and those above us so that when the devil speaks lies, they will see your truth in your children, even in their silence.

I pray against every form of sorcery and witchcraft spoken and devised against those who serve you and love you. Every word spoken against my children and family falls broken and destroyed in Jesus Name. You are faithful, Lord.

Lord, I recognize this is a battle, a war, an attack and a moment of conflict. But, you are the Mighty One, the Lord of Hosts, Let your Name be on our foreheads and in our hearts as we stand each day. Let the enemy and his messengers run and let there be praise in our lips.

Have you been encouraged? Then, share this blog with someone who needs to be reminded God is on their side, too.



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