Thursday, August 21, 2014


 By Angeline M Duran Santiago

In the darkest night, 
When not even the street lamp flickers,
As dark clouds cover the starts and the moon,
In the most hidden corner of your closet,
Love stretches out heavenly arms to embrace you,
Will you unclench your chained heart and allow
Love to unfold the layers of your darkness, 
To remove the shadows that keep you company,
And push away the hurtful grime that keeps you walking
In the abandoned alley of your despair?

In the deepest pain,
When your one and only is gone,
When that damn disease refuses to go,
As you hold on to a cold hand that will not caress your
tear stained cheek again,
Will you look up and
Allow Love to rock you into Heavenly Arms
That do understand your pain,
That Love you even when you're not very loveable,
Love you when you need it the most,
Love you, when you're so angry
You shout at the heavens to go away,
Yet, Love
God's perfect Love,
Refuses to run!
Refuses to hide!
Refuses to stay silent!

Love, perfect Love, God's love,
Bends down from the heaven's and reaches out
Into your darkest hiding place
and stands, waiting, 
Will you let Love heal you and restore you,
Or will you continue to be angry,
Hateful, depressed, afraid,
and never know the joy of
Abandoning yourself, free fall,
Into the eternal Love
Of A Heavenly Father,
God Almighty,

By Angeline M Santiago Duran



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