Thursday, August 21, 2014


 By Angeline M Santiago Duran

There are decisions we make or have to make each day. Some are easy, like, "I'm going to have a cup of coffee." while others take complete heart searching and careful planning, like moving from one job to the next, starting a new relationship or moving to a new home.

It's never easy. I find myself often questioning the Lord and asking God, "How do I know this is the right move or the correct steps to take for this moment." Sometimes the answer comes quickly, but usually, it seems to linger, slowly, as if allowing me to live each moment, gradually stepping up into the next level. I find myself either climbing a mountain in the midst of stormy conditions, or alone in a boat on the shore watching the clouds forming above me. 
These moments have pushed me to no other place than my knees, humbling my heart to His will, bending my desires and hungering to follow after God's higher plan for me.

Do you, like me, find yourself in the valley of decision? Are you struggling to trust and have faith for the things you have prayed and are waiting for? Healing seems far away, doesn't it? Financial stress can be like someone that follows you around, haunting you, even in the daylight. And, yes, life seems to be filled with all kinds of difficult passage ways and tunnels. But we're going to have to make a decision in this valley we are. We are going to have to move forward and take the next steps. 

God never planned for us to stay frozen in time, fading away as we wait. No. I believe that as we learn to trust Him, surrendering our complete heart to Him, as we take each new step, His voice will guide us. "This is the way...."

Lord, we need your loving hand to guide us. Lead us with your voice as we venture out into the open into the new ideas, the new jobs, the new relationships, the restoration of things in our lives and dreams not yet fulfilled. We take our lives and place them into your care, asking you to help us with our decisions. Don't allow us to walk around confused, disturbed, fearful or without direction. You are the God of peace and you give us wisdom and understanding. Help us to make wise decisions, choices inspired by Your Spirit moving in our lives and helping us towards success. In Jesus Name. Amen.



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