By Angeline M Duran Santiago


We take for granted the good things that happen daily. Yet, around us, children are under attack in so many ways. On a school bus, or the train, walking to school, or on the way home, Christian children are like a bulls eye for the adversary. Our prayers need to be with a military heart and mindset. We know our weapons are not in our hands, but in our faith as we pray and send forth God's angels to be with our children. We speak and declare protection around our children. We build a fortress of God's power and might around  our children. We pray Bible verses of God's promises around our children, blessing their going out of our homes, and their every step as they return to us in the afternoon. We pray for their safety inside the school. We pray for God's protection from every plan of the enemy through a bigger student or a teacher who would attempt to belittle and embarrass our child because they openly share about God's love. 


God is able to help our children excel academically. If our children have physical, mental, or emotional needs, take those areas with your child, to the Cross as well. God is able to empower our children, regardless of their learning styles, their levels of comprehension, and their challenges. Pray that the Lord will help your child has a mind that understands, comprehends, and is able to be above and beyond his or her expected level in their grade. Pray for wisdom to think before acting, speaking, or making decisions. Pray for knowledge to capture the lessons and be able to interpret and communicate fluently.


A lot of new ideas are entering our schools, disguised as curriculum, but in truth, they are lifestyles and practices that are contrary to the Word of God. We need to pray that our children will have God's Spirit in them in such a way that they will be sensitive to God's Spirit speaking into their hearts when something doesn't sound right. Pray that the Lord will help our children learn what needs to be learned and to build a wall around their hearts and minds towards those influences that will come to challenge their faith, their sexuality, their choices, and their heart. 


Pray that the Lord will surround your child with favor. No matter what the teacher, staff or students stand for, God can grant favor as He did with Daniel and so many others not only in the Bible, but throughout time. Pray for teachers to be kind and loving, attentive and fair with your child. Pray that even if the teacher hates any mention of God, they will love to teach and encourage your child. Pray for them to be a blessing to your child and in turn your prayers will also bless them.


I read somewhere to pray for your children to have Godly friends. I think this is a true gift. But, I also believe we need to teach our children to love people, as God loves people. There will be students who are hurting, in abused homes, making poor choices, considering suicide or joining a cult, or maybe trying to give your child and mine drugs. If our kids don't know how to have a heart for God, how will they be able to share God's love. Do we just share it with believers? I pray for my son to not only make new friends with other students who believe as he does, and whose families honor God, but for my son to reach out to others and offer his friendship to anyone who needs, well, a friend. 


There's nothing more powerful than a young person who is fearless and knows their God. Let us instruct our children to seek the Lord and be filled with His Spirit. It is God's Spirit and Presence that will empower our children to walk with boldness and fearless. Pray for the Lord to help our children know that they are never alone and that the Mighty One is with them. Lord, we pray for our children to know your Power in their lives, the assurance of You in them, always.

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