Thursday, September 11, 2014


I guarantee you, the first time I set out to write, I was not ready to publish it. I wanted to write, or well, I actually did write it, then changed my mind, because my anger and my hurt would be too obvious. But, how long? How long will the church, so called saved Christians live their lives looking for ways to hurt others?

What are you getting by living your life that supposedly had been set free by Christ, by pushing others back into the deep darkness? What joy can you possible find to break ministries, discourage people, spread lies and gossip? Is God truly alive in your heart that you so easily break the spirit of others, discouraging, manipulating, and deceiving?

A friend request, "yes, a friend request" took me to my past where I was severely affected by the things the people in leadership did to my life. I had a super quick flashback of myself in my moments dancing before the Lord, singing and playing my guitar, and preaching or bringing something in a conference. I had a flashback of banners, or artwork I'd done, of so many things I loved to do and how these very people now sending me a "friend request" had so fiercely worked against me to remove me from what I was doing so that they could be placed or take over what I had begun.

So, you'll say, "Oh, you haven't forgiven."
No. I think I just know this is  still going on in so many churches and no one feels the right or need to apologize. I remember asking for help to take the classes to become a minister. "No! You're a woman!" the pastors and minsters told me. Yet, today, their wives have become ordained ministers, preaching and leading the churches. Amazing how ideas suddenly change. 

So, why is the church, or the church people hurting people?

I'll tell you why and how.

A life that has not truly surrendered to Christ will not be able to live loving others and helping them.
A life pretending to seek God, just to be in the spotlight, sooner or later will do the opposite of imitating Christ.
A heart that has not truly decided to live only for the Lord, is living for themselves, for others, for the applause and acceptance of this world.
A heart that has not surrendered to the Lord, desiring His will and to bring glory to the Lord, will focus on the faults of others, on deceiving others, and hiding their wrongs.
I can go on, but this I will say....

If you consider yourself a person that has confessed Christ as your Lord and Savior, If you haves asked Him to rule and reign in your life, and continue to make others miserable, I think you need to get saved all over again.
Stop the gossip. Stop the abuse. Stop being bullies in how you  talk to people in your congregation. Stop the lies. Stop saying this is what God says when it's really your foul mouth speaking it up. Stop abusing your authority and leadership. Stop humiliating and belittling others. 

The church is a place of healing, a place of prayer, a place of worship. The church is a place where Love has no limits, where forgiveness is freely received and given, where we live waiting for the Lord's return, where the sinners come without fear and the redeemed live forever grateful.

Church hurting people....It has to stop!



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