Thursday, September 25, 2014


 By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Written and Lovingly Dedicated with the Message, "You're Worth More!" 
To Aaron, Jacob, Jeru, Josiah, Sophia, Dennis and Timothy. This is also for all those kids I know, my friend's kids, in and out of church....You're worth more than gold!

We're living in an era of people that believe part of their position and role is to get what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. There are still people who think they can buy their way through everything. 

They'll take you out, wine and dine you and suddenly feel so big inside they feel you owe them for taking you out. For some, it's warming up their bed and letting someone you barely know have their way with you. For another, it's telling you off, putting you down, and humiliating you in front of others, knowing that if you speak back or speak up you can lose your job. Others, carry their titles and authority as a badge, thinking they're some sort of god, with divine power to crush, break and pull apart. 

I've got some news for you. I wasn't born for this. My children were not born for you to have your way with them like they're some dirty rag, thrown on the street, after being used to wash a million cars. My friend, you were not born to allow others to use you, have their way with you, just because you feel alone, just because you want to be part of the moment and the crowd.

 If someone has to hurt you to show you they love you, then please, walk, NO...RUN, RUN away fast. Get away!

If someone has to hurt you, apologize, and then make you feel like you deserved it, come on, is that anything like LOVE? I've got some more news for you.

Get it clear through your head.
You and I were not created for the improper handling of others whose minds are infected with a darkened version of intimacy. You and I were not created for the pleasure of others while you are at their mercy and in pain or embarrassment. You and I were not born to be spoken down to and made to feel inferior, unwanted, like the dirt on the bottom of my heels.

Your mother didn't carry you for nine months thinking you'd grow up to be someone's puppet, someone's toy and play thing. I can boldly say, I didn't go through so much during my pregnancies, to bring to the world three precious jewels for the world to now feel this permission to talk down, break down, and press down my precious three.

How do we take a stand against these things? 
We become wise, not ignorant. Take good advice and not the advice from make believe friends that encourage you to try something new just because they want to see what will happen to you. We learn from our mistakes. We grow in wisdom by seeking the Lord and finding our worth by seeing what God says about us.

My son, my daughter, my niece, my nephew, my friend.....You're worth more than all the gold and silver in the world weighed together in one place. You're worth more than you will ever believe. You are amazing, precious, smart, beautiful, special, intelligent, wonderful, gifted and so superb. You have great purpose. You were born for greatness! You were born with a destiny! There is greatness in you! Close your ears to the lies of this world! God says you are the most valuable creation ever! Believe it!

Lord, today I come against the lies of the enemy to bring down and discourage my children, my family, my friends, and anyone reading today. I speak against the plans of the enemy of our souls and cancel every word spoken against our children, I cancel every assignment of discouragement and depression, every accusation, every assignment to deceive, to hurt, to oppress and bring our children into a place where they encounter a fight, shame, or being broken down. I call upon the Mighty Name Of JESUS today and speak protection, life, and God's favor around and inside my children, my nephew and niece, my family and my friends. I speak God's Powerful presence around them always. I pray for victory in every moment. 

I pray for God's blessings and protection when they sleep, when they walk out of the home, when they are at work or school, on a date, a sleepover, or just hanging out at the mall. I pray for you to speak to them, give them wisdom and help them to discern your voice and know you presence.
Help them see and understand they were born with greatness written all over them. I thank you for healing them, for delivering and protecting them, in Jesus name. Amen.

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