Friday, October 10, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

A friend shared how her mom was really sick, blood sugar rising even thought she barely ate. She then shared some personal family tragedies, and we concluded these events had not only triggered the high blood sugar, but her recent hospitalizations. As she shared her heartbreak, in the back of my mind, I could hear my brother, Tito, who had been sharing on NOIZERADIO with my other brother, Alex, "We were born for this!"

It was his message that I had been listening to before meeting up with my friend. It was the words he shared about going through the battle and the hard times and how God has prepared us for these difficult moments and we can most definitely make it through the pain, through the discouragement, through the family issues and through the trials. "You were born for this. You can make it through."

We never know who the Lord will place in our paths. We never know the story someone is going to share. There is no planning ahead of time for how we should answer when someone begins to expose their wounds, their scars, and their pain. It is important to live our lives in such a way that we are somehow trying to be connected as much as possible to God's presence. I'm not talking about trying to be perfect. I'm talking about just living out lives with a hunger to be so close to the Lord that we will be ready and we'll be sensitive to God's prompting at any time.

"We were born for this...." ~Tito Santiago

My friend was able to trust and place all her cares into God's hands. She allowed me to share what my brother had been talking about and her heart was open to trusting in the Lord. She was open to hope. She opened her heart to God's word. I tell you more. I got up to look for another friend, and once again, I was able to encourage her through God's word. People want to hear. Are we ready to talk?

This is important to me because too many times believers want to teach people all the wrong stuff about walking right and being a Christian. Look, if someone has not made a commitment to Christ, they're not going to desire to walk right. It's not in them to want to please the Lord, so stop preaching to people in such a way that they hate it when we talk about the Lord. 

Pray and ask the Lord to give you words filled with wisdom, with his blessing and anointed. Pray that the Lord will show you what people need to hear, not what you feel like saying or showing off that you know. Your biblical knowledge means nothing to someone that doesn't really understand or know the gospel. Your big speech is meaningless to someone who has not surrendered to the Lord. Hurting people need healing. Angry people need loving. Anxious and desperate people need words of hope and faith. 

What is your message going to be when someone begins to share their cares, their problems and their hard times with you. Will you smack them with a Bible, shout, "Repent!" and then tell them to change their clothes, be in church all day, every day and become super holy and religious. Because that's a lot of hog wash and stupidity. 

There is power in Jesus Name and in His Word. God is still in the business of healing and delivering. He still commands the storms and the winds to stay still. Demons still flee and YES, people are still healed. SO, pray and seek the Lord so that your words will be the healing balm they need. And, this may just help lead them to want to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 

And, yes, on a side note, sometimes the Lord will give someone a hard to share message that is straight out and to the point. My theme here is more to the non-believer, new Christian, or someone who is hurting. Let us draw people to the Lord and not away.

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