Sunday, October 12, 2014


 By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I'm not someone who has the ability to truly talk football. I think I've grown in many ways, understanding the plays much better and what each player's position on the field is for. There is something else, I learned about today, as I sat on the bleachers cheering my son's team on.

Someone is always looking to see how they can keep you down.

 I believe it was a learning moment for me, as two men from another team sat next to me. They began to boldly share their opinions on different players in my son's team. Their comments ranged from, "Look at number so and so, to that one is probably going to be a problem, this one maybe, and they're not a threat, look at them, they're too small." On and on they spoke, saying things I rather not give space to on this blog by repeating them. Their conclusion, in just the first few minutes of the game as it started were that our team was done. From here, they further concluded our team didn't have what it takes to make it to the end. Comparing and listing the teams they believed will be at the playoffs, they said, "Definitely not this team. They have no defense."

At one point, they looked at each other and the older one said, "I've seen enough, I can go now."  They got up to leave when suddenly, the very numbers they had spoken against, played in such a way that not only did they stop the other team from scoring, but a few minutes later our team scored. TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

The men who had risen, and gotten ready to leave, suddenly stopped. "You want to stay a little longer?" One of them asked, "What number was that one?" And once more, they sat down to watch and plan. "We have to make sure we get this one down and keep that one back." Confidence now sounded like doubt and fear.

I can tell you that for a few minutes, I was bothered, but then, I felt blessed. How? Why? I realized they were in some way, threatened by the very ones they felt a waste of time to play. 

A shifting took place in me.

I was able to relate what was going on in a different way. In my mind I answered their questions saying, "Obviously they never heard of David Vs Goliath." Too small? Not enough players? "Seems they've never heard of Gideon and his 300 men." No strategy? "I guess they've never heard of how God brought down the walls of Jericho was just a shout. That was some crazy strategy as well." 

What others see as without potential, 
God sees as opportunity for greatness. 

What others see with limits, 
God sees as moments for great breakthroughs. 

When others see what they believe is our downfall, 
God sees the heights He can raise us to.

The men left as we had our half time break. I can tell you this, their confidence was challenged. Their self assurance was shaken. And, the ideas they have about an easy win when they face our team will now be put to the test. I'm not stating that my son's team is the best or unbeatable. I want to point out how easy it is for others to speak negatively and begin to scheme and plan to bring you down when they see you are good at something, when they see you can push through your battle, when you can outrun someone coming for you. 

So, if you know me, you know I'm going to take this into the arena of Faith and our walk in the Lord.

Isn't this how the Enemy of our soul comes? 
He shows up in the middle of our battle, our test, as we're in our stress moment, or our getting ready to be triumphant moment and he analyzes, observes and plans against us. He speaks against us. "Look at this one, she's too weak, she's too small, or he's too slow, he's too fat, they keep messing up." On and on, the negative comments flow as if enforcing what the enemy sees as our failure, our weakness, and our inability to succeed. He is the killer of motivation and encouragement. He is the voice of disappointment and great people giving up.

I am so glad that God's opinion of me in my weakness is that in my weakness He is glorified and I am then able to do great things. I am so glad that in my mess ups are God's opportunity to show how He can be glorified even in my errors.

To see and hear what I did today helped me envision how the enemy of our souls is always out watching out on how to keep us down, how to find our simplest weakness to use it against us or to discourage us. The enemy is always watching to see if we're an easy target, if we're worth his time, or if there's a reason we're a threat to his kingdom of darkness and then he begins to bombard our lives with affliction, temptation, and all kinds of junk to keep us down.

I want to end by saying my son's team won! It was a great game. The battle ahead of these kids will be a great one because people that thought little of them saw they're not going to go down without a fight. Are we ready to not go down without a fight when the problems and situations of life come against us? I pray you will not surrender so quickly but that you will look your opponent in the face and like Jacob, roar like a lion, and go forward to push your enemy, your problems, or your situation down. Does it seem like the worst is coming against you? Then here the Coach from Heaven telling you to get back into the game. Follow His leading and His guidance. His plays, His strategies and His training have prepared you not only for the game and the battles of life, but to win, to win and to win!

Rise up and be strong! 
I know life sometimes punches you in the face and pushes you down. But, I'm telling you to get back up and push your circumstances back. In you is the same courage God's Spirit placed in David to face Goliath. In you is that same power to face the lions like Daniel did. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. I know I've mixed football with being able to stand as a Christian, but this was just so strong in my mind as I watched the game, I had to write it. I don't know how you'll take it, and I pray that for football fans, I don't offend in anyway. I was truly encouraged to see and hear what I did and I can only say, "Lord, prepare my son for the weeks ahead, in Jesus name, amen."



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