Tuesday, October 14, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago
Sometimes it feels like God is far away. He seems far away, not far like in another state or country, but miles and miles of astronomical units of unimaginable distance between Earth and Heaven. Am I right? Does He seem silent? Does He seem to be with His back towards you when you pray and wait on Him? You say, "Lord, look at this. Look what's going on around me. Hello? Am I in this alone?"

If He allows you and me to come to this moment, it's because He will not only bring you and me through it, He will be with us through every moment.

God's silence does not equal absence.

God's timing does not mean failure to answer prayers.

God's presence seeming far away is not proof you are alone.

  I know you're waiting. It's one of the hardest things to do at times. But, when you are sure that God is by your side, the waiting is filled with a hope and an assurance that nothing in this world can remove. Your prayers are not empty words carried away by the wind. Your cry is not an ignored plea. You will see how God shows up at the right time. The answer you are waiting for may not be what you expected, but the answer will come. I've waited and questioned the Lord so many times. "Lord, why? Why is this happening? Why is it happening this way?" I remind the Lord that I thought by this stage in my life I would be ready to retire or doing something else, but whether through my own mistakes, or God's divine plan, I'm where I'm at and I've learned to surrender my will, my dreams, my desires into His hands. Can you do the same? Can you let go enough to allow His power to work in your life, in your work, in your family, and in your situation?

 I've determined to no longer ask why, but just say, "Have your way, Lord." There are things that have taken place for the best in my life, but there are also things getting ready to change. I sense it. Do you? Do you sense a change in the tide? Do you sense in your spirit the Lord telling you, "Trust me through the changes. Trust me through whatever comes your way that is not what you were expecting. Trust me when your world changes and you feel alone. Trust me when you lose it all and it seems all the doors are closing in around you. Trust me when there is money for food and when you don't have enough for the whole week's groceries."

God is speaking into my heart and saying, "Trust me when you have all your needs taken care of but trust me when you can't buy the medications you need. Trust me when the world challenges your faith and you will be asked to stand for what you believe. Trust me when you feel strong but also trust in me when your legs are weak, your heart aches, and you feel confused. Trust me."

I sense God's presence telling me, "Get ready, my daughter, Get ready my son, change is coming. Through your victories, there will be battles and wars that wage against you. Through your moments of success, there will be winds that come against you to get your faith to shake, to blur your focus and to get you to doubt."

Celebrate what the Lord has done but do not stay there. Continue to pray. Continue to seek the Lord's presence and to read His Word. Great things are coming. Answers to prayers are coming your way. The promotion is around the corner. God has seen your tears, your patience, your faith and your faithfulness. Do not give up. Believe. Hope. Trust. The Lord is on your side.

I pray you are blessed and continue to believe, no matter what comes your way. No turning back.



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