Thursday, November 20, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Someone spoke today. They spoke, believing they had permission and/or authority to speak into my life. The only thing is that I had been preparing for this moment. And, so in looking ahead, I was listening while I covered my ears.

My eyes may have been on the speaker, but my ears were boarded off and sealed to their voice, to their words, and to their message.

"You will not succeed." said the messenger.
"You will have a very hard time." said the speaker.
"Oh, Oh, my. They're really setting you up for failure. No one will ever make it there."

Someone spoke today and as they attempted to speak into my spirit, I remembered who is moving me forward and I mentally built a protective wall around myself. As they spoke negatively, I turned their words around and perceived that perhaps fear was speaking and in the process of speaking to put fear, it in fact began to build me up.

I saw myself the opposite of what the messenger saw.
I saw myself breaking through the negativity, the deception, the fear and the doubt.
I saw myself in the hands of the One who had decided I would able to take the next steps in my life, to do something new, perhaps something a lot harder than what I've done before, and he trusted me with something different. This I am certain of today.

God prepares us.
God fills us.
God allows us to walk into the challenging moments because He has and will equip us to not only face the difficulties, but to learn from them and succeed.

I'll tell you more.
I chose to ignore and walk away from the voice of doom. I walked away from the shadow maker and decided to remember God's promises. I meditated on His Word. I chose to believe that if God has entrusted me with a change in my life's journey, it is because He has a purpose, a reason for me to step out in faith and do something that will cause me to trust Him more, rely on His provision, and be confident of His strength for my heart. 

I have to believe God's presence will not abandon me in the journey. His Promises are the umbrella in my storm. His Love is the Shelter when the wind blows to push me down. His Presence is the Encouragement to keep me on my feet, moving forward even when I am tired, beaten, sick, and just plain fed up with those who wish my downfall.

So, who spoke into your life today?
What message did someone deliberately work hard to engrave into your conscience?
What ideas of discouragement did someone wave before you, trying to get your attention, to divert you and get you away from the path, your journey, and the new things the Lord has presented you with? Is there a new door or road opening before you? Have you prayed and placed your trust in the Lord? Have you waited patiently until you felt peace about your choice? Have you praised Him for directing you and leading you to something new?

Then, your job is to cover your ears.
Cover your ears and walk away.
Cover your ears to the negative and deceptive talk.
Cover your ears to the discouragement and lies.
Cover your ears to the vain sound of supposed advice and friendship, disguised to confuse you.

Open your ears to God's voice.
Open your ears to God's presence.
Open your heart to God's guidance and leading.

There is more for you to do for God's glory and His Kingdom. God's plans for you are great! He has prepared you, equipped you, enabled and led you this far. He will not bring you to failure. God if for us, not against us. 

Who are you listening to today? Cover you ears to everything that is not conforming to God's Word, to His Will, and to the testimony God gives your Spirit. Seek the Lord. Wait on Him. Have faith and be faithful to the end. Surrender to what He wants to do as you walk into this new road and allow God to have His way, not to shine the spotlight on you, but to prove that when God is with us, there is nothing we can't succeed in.



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