Tuesday, November 18, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Who are you listening to?

Who is next to you throughout the day?
How are their words affecting and making their home in your heart, in your mind, and deep inside of you?

There are people who intentionally will speak negatively into your life. They don't want you to move forward so they speak down at you and to you, to discourage you, to make you doubt and have you walk through the door of discouragement. Their words tell you to open the door to fear and before you know it, their words paralyze you.

There are people who will complain around you. They hold a pity party because you are doing something new in your life, their is a blessing flowing in your life and God is obviously showing His favor. So, they begin to nag, complain, and exhale their negative vibe around you. You're going to have to make a decision to stand your ground, to sit their and in your mind hold on to God's Word. You're going to have to believe in God's report. You will decide when to get up and walk out, leaving the spirit of darkness speaking to itself. Get up. Walk out. Walk away.

There are people, friends, co-workers, family, and even those who say they believe like you, pray like you, and say they have God in their lives like you but when they open up their mouth, the nonsense, the heartbreak, the false message and the breakdown of your spirit is what they want. Your walk in the Lord, even when quiet, is a menace, bothers, irritates and is like a rash to many. So, they keep talking against you, putting people against you when you turn your back, gossiping, and speaking hurt, wrongs, and death into your life. I don't get it but it's true. We use our words to paralyze, destroy, corrupt, imprison, and hinder. When? When has God given us the command to go and destroy, speak negatively, hurt and humiliate? I haven't found it yet. I never will. 

God's word is filled with all the positive words to build you up, encourage and lift you to a new place. Watch your words and watch out whose conversation you entertain.

Watch your words!
Words give life! Words destroy life!




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