Thursday, November 13, 2014


Great news is right around the corner! You've been praying and waiting and it arrives right after you decided to stop waiting for it. It shows up in your face when you thought it wasn't going to happen. Sometimes, you wait, a little longer. Expectation lives and sometimes quiets down, but it's there.

Dreams have a way of becoming dormant when expectation begins to fade. Dreams seem to take the backseat when we begin to listen to those people in our lives that question your choices when you believe you are waiting on the Lord, moving as He leads you, and trusting in His timing. 

"Do you really think that's God telling you to move?"
"Do you truly believe this is God's will?"
"Are you sure this is what you should do? You know, others have taken this next step and they've fallen flat on their face."
"Don't you think you should pray again to see if God really told you to go? I mean, the devil is a liar."

People pretend to be well meaning because they're present to quench the dream you've received from the Lord. They've been there before and have strangled the life out of those moments in your life where you were excitedly doing great things either professionally, or in the kingdom of the Lord.

 Dream killers, Spirit quenchers, Hope removers and False Prophets arrive at your doorstep the moment you believe God has answered prayer. Something great is in your path and you're going to have to be able to seek God in such a way that you will be able to discern what is from the Lord, is this God's Spirit talking, or if it's your flesh leading you. 

I've learned that if we align ourselves with God's Word, and seek Him with a real heart that hungers passionately to serve Him, He will not, and cannot lead us astray or into confusion.

God's plan for you is "YES!"
God's plan for you is "Greatness!"
Success! Excellence! Moving Forward!
It's in His Word and you'll find it if you take the time to dig in and discover the beautiful promises written for you.

To you I say:
Accept the promotion
Go back to school
Finish what you started
Go for that interview
Attempt those ideas and believe
Stand on God's promises for your healing
Proclaim your breakthrough
Believe for your marriage
See your family, your entire family walking in VICTORY!

What's your dream? Tell me? See it come to pass!

Don't let the dream in your heart die. Don't let the people around you pick at your mind and confuse you. Don't let those so called "friends" place you in a state of worry. Don't let your dreams die. Don't let your spirit be troubled. Don't let your joy be pushed down and out. Don't let the voices around you stop you from the next steps in your life. God has greatness for you!

Promotion comes from the Lord!
Victory comes from the Lord!
Restored health, restored finances, security and blessings are from the Lord!
Dreams, Passion to do more, to do better, a joy to serve, it all comes from the Lord. Go with it! Live! Make your dreams happen. Push yourself to walk trusting in God's provision even when you are still lacking in many areas of your life. Trust in God to provide what you need. He will. He has for me and I know He always will.



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