Tuesday, November 18, 2014


 By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Sometimes, I have felt small, insignificant, invisible, and unworthy of being heard.
Many times, I've believed that my words were unnecessary, without worth, and that the things I said joined the wind and disappeared into the atmosphere!

Maybe it's just me. Perhaps, I'm one of the few to have felt that way. Or, it could be that you too have felt like nothing you said or did mattered. Maybe you believed, as I have many times, that it didn't matter at home, it didn't matter at work, and it didn't matter in the house of the Lord.

But, oh, how easy it is to buy into that lie. How easily we allow our minds to wander so that who we are according to God's disappears and fades away.

Reading a post by my daughter, I was in awe to see how she's been watching all my steps, not just my mistakes, but those moments of triumph, and those moments when I gave my all. When I believed they didn't matter, she was watching, observing, and learning.

I am not with that same mind set today. Of course, these thoughts come when we are going through some rough moments and for just a brief second we allow our hearts to forget God's promises, God's presence, and that He is greater in us ~ GREATER!

There is greatness in you! God is with you!
There is wonder in you! God made you wonderful! 
There is perfection and beauty in you!
The One who created the universe took His time to create you!

You are awesome because my God is AWESOME and an Awesome God has chosen you, called you by name, and said that you and I belong to Him! We are blessed!

So, what are you going to believe?
Who are you going to believe?
Believe God's report! Accept God's view point of who you are! Embrace His promises! Rejoice in His Spirit's presence in you. 




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