Monday, November 24, 2014


Written By Angeline M Duran Santiago

My dear friend, I don't know what you are facing or what you're going through. If I share my woes, my pain and my struggles, the truth is they may end up so small compared to the many things you are facing. My mountain may truly be only a small hill next to the multitude of your problems, your cares, and what you are facing.

I don't know what you are going through because surely my heels aren't going to fit your feet, and your boots just might be either too tight or enormous on me.

So, what are you going to do?
Are you going to fall back and just sit there?
Are you going to accept what has been slammed into your face and stay still, just because you're so used to waiting and letting things slide off?

Or, are you going to get up and stay standing?

I'm telling you and I'm telling me, "Get up!"
It's not time to dwell on what has happened. Like I heard the football coaches speak out to the players when something went wrong, "Short memory."
So, I say to you, "Short memory. Forget it. Let it go. Pass over it. Walk over it. Keep walking on."

We're going to have to get up and keep going.
I know it's not easy.
Your ministry is under attack.
You wonder if God has really called you.
You meditate on His Word and the thoughts that come are, "Lord, am I alone in this."

We're going to have to keep pressing through.
Yes, it seems the grass is overgrown and high.
So, use your hands and arms and move through.
Yes, the ground is muddy and hard to walk on.
Put on your boots and splash through.

Get up and stay standing up.
Don't quit. Don't give up. 
Don't start looking for someone to tell your stuff to and look for a different way to do this.
Run to God. 
I'm telling you and I'm telling myself,
Run to God.
Pray a little more.
Pray a little more.
Call out and cry out to the Lord.

Did you stop preaching, then preach again.
Did you stop singing or playing for the Lord, then get up and do it again.
Did you write songs, poems, stories? Start again.
Did you dance, minister and evangelize? Start over.

"Lord, show my your way. Holy Spirit, have your way and let me see You for who you are in my life. I lay all these worries, all these problems, and all the mess going on around me, I lay them slam dunk at your feet.

Help me to stand firm, to stand still, to stand without wavering or falling.

Help me to wait and hope without doubting.
Lord, I need you to empower me as I walk through this tempest.

Help me, even in my battle, to be an encouragement to someone passing through the fire and hurting, perhaps even more than me.

Lord, give me compassion and a heart of mercy to see the needs of those so close to me, even when they are quiet. 

Lord, let me not be blind to their pain.

Give me a heart that loves you,
that loves to seek you,
that truly longs to see your glory today,
In my life, today,
In my family, today,
In my children, today,
In my community, In my workplace, in my life."

My friend, my brothers and those I may never meet, get up. I know you fell down on your face, whatever caused it, but now it's time to stop talking about it, and get up. Perhaps you messed up, ok, get over it, Run to the Lord and get up.
Now, don't go looking to mess up again just cause He's faithful and forgiving you. Get up and stay up.
Keep standing on His Word, On His Promises.
and again I say, 
Get up!
Get up!
And stay standing.



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