Sunday, November 30, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

You get up and try to walk but your feet seem to be heavy. Your legs tremble as you get near to the train station or the entrance of that place you will spend your day. Your heart beats and you begin to sweat as you open the door to your school, to your job, to your office, or to your new endeavor. 

Something in you tells you to turn around and run! Something inside you screams at you to turn away and never return. You replay those words that were spoken to you during the weekend, or that Friday when you left school or work. You see the faces of your so called friends or leaders. You see their pasted smiled, their forced look of concern, and the way they look at you as if they're doing you a favor.

"This is not for you."
"You can't do this."
"You're going to regret it. You're going to want to come back here."
"You're going to feel lost."
"You'll realize you're moving too fast and you weren't ready for a new move."
"You didn't pray enough."
"Get ready for the devil to attack you like never before."

"I'm telling you. You're going to wish you never tried something new."

On and on the list goes and not one word of encouragement comes through. Failure, Defeat, Discouragement, and your downfall is prophesied into your life as if an Oracle of God has just been established.

Your once ready spirit, full of joy and encouragement suddenly wavers, trembles and feels dizzy.

Is this you? Did they tell you that you were going to fail? Did someone tell you that you were going to fall flat on your face and no one would be there to pick you up but only come to say, "I told you so!" Did those in your life come to tell you that you were moving out of God's will when you know that you have not only prayed and waited forever on God's timing and answer, but you've prayed for His favor, His peace in your life before you took the next step.

You know in your heart that God has shown you time and time again that He is moving you into a new direction, a new blessing, with a new assignment where he will use you for His glory.

Then why are you listening to the personification of failure and defeat. Why do you and I allow these emotions, these downfalls to transform into people in our lives who come to tear us down.

God is building you up. God is putting you and I together again when we've messed up. But, God also is going to use us in that new place He is taking us. He doesn't move us without a purpose. He always has a plan.

Move away from the negative speaker.
Walk away from the voice of defeat and the message of doom.
Lift up your head and know that Your God has not only called you, equipped you, prepared you and led you, but He has anointed you and filled you for this new season in your life.

Are there going to be hard times? Is anything in life without a difficult moment? I don't think so. But He has promised to walk with you and me. He has promised to be with us. And, that's enough for me!

Change your attitude!
Get ready, get ready, get ready!
Put on your dancing shoes and dance your way in the train, in the car and at your job. Let there be a praise in your heart as you wait for the elevator. Worship as you sit at your desk. Take time to invite the Lord to be present all the time with you.

He is the Victory giver.
He is the Helper.
He is there.

So, get up and get going.
Your victory starts right now. 
Pray your way through this new time in your life. Praise your way through the new door the Lord has brought you through.

Oh, what great things the Lord has in store for you and me.

faithful is our God, Hezekiah Walker



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